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Advisory Board Minutes 2001-06-06

A meeting of the County of Dukes County Advisory Board was held on Wednesday June 6, 2001 at Noon in the County Administration Building notice of such meeting having been posted as required by law.

Members Present:        Ted Morgan, Chairman (Edgartown – 30.27)
                        Richard Combra (Oak Bluffs – 16.62)
                        Tristan Israel (Tisbury – 14.67)
                John Early  (West Tisbury – 13.51)
Also Present:           Carol Borer, County Manager
                        Noreen Mavro Flanders, County Treasurer
                        Dianne Powers, Register of Deeds
Marc R. Villa, Airport Commission
Sean Flynn, Assistant Airport Manager
Daniel Flynn, County Commissioner
                        Marsha Smolev, Executive Assistant

Absent:         Warren Doty (Chilmark – 18.88)
                        Carl Widdiss (Aquinnah – 4.08)

Supplemental Budget Appropriations and Transfers were reviewed. Commissioner Flynn asked about the Veterans’ Agent’s change to 20 hours.  The County Manager reviewed this history.

Tristan Israel Moved that the Advisory Board accept the Budget Transfers.  Richard Combra Seconded the Motion.  The Vote to pass the Motion was Unanimous.  

There was discussion about transferring funds for the New York Avenue fence. Tristan Israel made a Motion to Move the funds.  Richard Combra Seconded it.  The Motion passed Unanimously.  The County Manager will move funds from Dept. 2800 to cover the fence (rather than moving funds from Human Services.)

Chairman Morgan stated that the Airport’s Transfers should have been included in the transfer packet, but they were not in by the deadline.  Chairman Morgan stated that the Airport functions financially as a function of the County and must respond to the County Commissioners until such time as an act of Legislature declares the Airport independent.  Mr. Morgan stressed that requests must be submitted on time as long as he is Chair.  He was not in opposition to the transfers, just to their late submission.  Mr. Morgan agreed to act on the transfers this time, but asked that the Airport stick to the deadlines in the future.

Assistant Airport Manager Sean Flynn explained the transfer requests.  Tristan Israel Moved to approve the transfers.  John Early Seconded the Motion that passed Unanimously.  

Mrs. Borer distributed the Budget Policies.

Chairman Morgan asked the Assistant Airport Manager for a breakdown of capital purchases. Sean Flynn stated he needed access to the funds before July 1 for safety reasons.  Marc Villa read a report about Airport revenues (see attached.)  The Airport was reserving $74,278 for potential expenses of cost allocations.  The Airport was not requesting a reserve for the $120,000 from 1998-2000 cost allocations at this time.  Marc Villa stated that the Airport needed funds now for purchases and to maintain FAA compliance.  Hence there were two separate requests.  Chairman Morgan again asked for a breakdown of costs.  Discussion followed about some expenditures.  Mrs. Borer was concerned about the Airport spending anticipated money and was not in favor of approving the request for $322,000, especially since the Audit is still in draft form.  

Mrs. Borer distributed letters from Donna Witte at FAA, and recommended not utilizing the $322,000 from the Unreserved Fund Balance until these issues are resolved.  Marc Villa stated it was a catch-22, that there can’t be an Unreserved Fund Balance until the Allocation Plan is accepted.  Mr. Morgan stated the figures needed to be Audited, certified.  Mr. Daniel Flynn said the numbers can’t be audited until FAA and the Airport and the Airport and the County agree on cost allocations, and not many municipalities have non-taxable income generated like this.  He stated he was confident the projections were correct.  Mr. Morgan said, still, they are projections!  Dan Flynn asked that the money be encumbered and spent after July 1.  Sean Flynn said $255,753 is what is needed for the summer season.  

Sean Flynn suggested reserving $228,000 for the $108,000 loan and $120,000 back years, so the Airport can get on with its plans.  Tristan Israel agreed.  Treasurer Flanders said the two issues must be kept separate.

Tristan Israel Moved to put $228,000 (on the anticipated $322,000) into a reserve fund to cover the 3 major FAA items.  Richard Combra Seconded the Motion that passed Unanimously.

Discussion moved to the $255,753. Tristan Israel Moved to approve the $255,753 but not spend it until it’s in the bank.  John Early Seconded the Motion that passed Unanimously.  

Chairman Morgan asked the Airport to decide what needs to be done in the Business Park and come back with a list and costs.  Tristan Israel Moved to Adjourn.  John Early Seconded the Motion.  The meeting adjourned at 1:33 PM.


Ted Morgan, Chairman
County of Dukes County Advisory Board

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