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Advisory Board Minutes 2002-10-31
A meeting of the County Advisory Board was held on October 31, 2002 at 12:00 Noon in the Conference Room of the County Administration Building, notice of such meeting having been posted as required by law.

Members Present:        Ted Morgan, Chairman (Edgartown – 31.58)
                        Richard Combra (Oak Bluffs – 15.15)
                Warren Doty (Chilmark – 20.48)
                        John Early  (West Tisbury – 14.18)
                        Tristan Israel (Tisbury – 13.58) (12:05 PM)

Absent:         Carl Widdiss (Aquinnah – 3.30)
Also Present:           Carol Borer, County Manager
Marsha Smolev, Executive Assistant
                        Noreen Mavro Flanders, County Treasurer
                        Dianne Powers, Register of Deeds
                        Sheriff McCormack
                        David O’Sullivan, Special Sheriff
                        Sean Flynn, Assistant Airport Manager
                        Leslie Leland, Chair, County Commissioners                      
Chairman Morgan opened the meeting at Noon, the purpose being to act on the Budget Transfers, Interdepartmental Transfers and Supplemental Appropriations.

Mrs. Borer reviewed the list of transfers, explaining that the addition to the list was an unpaid bill in the Department of Civil Defense.  The transfers for telephone line items were due to a ledger error that had been corrected.

Chairman Morgan asked for an explanation of the Airport transfers as well as a status report on the situation regarding Airport Manager and Assistant Manager salaries.  Mrs. Borer answered that the wage transfers are a result of Union Negotiations and the new Union Contract of July 1, 2002.  The Airport Manager and Assistant Manager were being treated as County Employees and so the numbers reflected their COLA and reinstated step increases.

Chairman Morgan questioned the large increases for two Airport employees.  Sean Flynn, Assistant Airport Manager explained that these were part of the Union Negotiations, that one employee had been working for 10 years, the other 7.  Since steps had finally been approved for employees in Operations, their increases were given in lump sums.  As for the status of the situation with the Airport Manager and Assistant Manager, Mrs. Borer reported that the requested Job Descriptions had been received at the end of September and sent to the Personnel Committee for review.  The Personnel Committee reviewed the Job Descriptions as if they were County Employees, and rated them.  There was no final information yet.  Chairman Morgan asked if it would be necessary to add a Grade or two and Mrs. Borer replied that the Committee had informed her that there could be implications for the entire Compensation Plan.  Subsequently, the County Manager would be engaging MMA to work on this.  Mr. Morgan asked if the County Manager had any idea when this would be finalized.  The County Manager said perhaps at the next Advisory Board Meeting that would probably take place shortly after the Auditors’ report to the County Commissioners on November 13, 2002.

Mrs. Borer explained that money was transferred from the County Commissioners’ budget to the Administration Building to cover payment of the bookshelves for the Law books that were donated by Reynolds, Rappaport, and Kaplan.  Money was also moved to cover the purchase of the new copy machine that had been leased with an option to purchase.  

Funds were transferred from the Computer Hardware line in the Jail, to cover the COLA of Sheriff’s Office employees.  Tristan Israel asked if this had been anticipated.  The Sheriff explained that the Budget was level funded, so when the County Manager reinstated salaries, step increases and recommended a COLA, the Sheriff had to transfer the funds and put off buying the hardware, part of a three-year upgrade.  

Chairman Morgan asked about the 4% COLA.  Mrs. Borer said after polling the towns, (Edgartown – 4.5% COLA; West Tisbury, Aquinnah, Chilmark – 4 % COLA; Tisbury – 3.9% COLA; Oak Bluffs – Union Negotiations) she decided to recommend 4%.  Warren Doty asked where the money would come from. Mrs. Borer said it would come from the Unreserved Fund Balance.  Mr. Doty asked if that meant the Unreserved Fund Balance was larger than expected and Mrs. Borer said it was.  The overall Budget was not affected.  The Unreserved Fund Balance was scheduled to be certified on November 13th at the County Commissioners’ meeting with the Auditor.  Mrs. Borer said she was being conservative, that the Unreserved Fund Balance could end up being higher.  Mr. Doty said then it would be about $105,000 and Mrs. Borer agreed.

John Early asked about the increase for the Treasurer.  Mrs. Borer explained for a number of years, the Treasurer’s salary had been lagging behind the Register of Deeds so this would make it even.

Mrs. Borer reviewed the transfer for the Courthouse, $4000 for additional painting.  The walls, ceilings, have been painted, the Law Library completely painted, the floors carpeted, the doors about to be painted.  The black linoleum on the walls will be replaced with wainscoting and there will be wood floors.  Then the Courtroom renovation will begin.

Mr. Early questioned the transfers for the New York Avenue Property.  Mrs. Borer said the funds were for demolishing Dick’s Bait and Tackle Shop and BFI’s trash removal which has run about $4500.  Chairman Morgan added that the original amount transferred had been about $7000.  Mrs. Borer said that had been for demolishing the white building, and the BFI trash fees.  Mr. Israel asked about the septic system.  Mrs. Borer explained that draft floor plans had been given to the Building Inspector and the demolition permit would be good for one year.  At the end of one year the County would have to prove that it was starting construction and the permit could be extended and work on the septic system begun.

John Early Moved to Approve the schedule of Transfers totaling $349,373.78.  Warren Doty Seconded the Motion.  The Chairman called for the vote:

West Tisbury    yes
Chilmark                yes
Tisbury         yes
Oak Bluffs              yes
Edgartown               yes

The Motion Carried Unanimously.  

John Early Moved that the meeting be adjourned.  Tristan Israel Seconded the Motion.  The meeting Adjourned at 12:16 PM.

Ted Morgan, Chairman
County of Dukes County Advisory Board

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