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Advisory Board Minutes 2002-05-30
A meeting of the County Advisory Board was held on May 30, 2002 at
5:00 PM in the Conference Room of the County Administration Building, notice of such meeting having been posted as required by law.

Members Present:        Ted Morgan, Chairman (Edgartown – 31.58)
                        Richard Combra (Oak Bluffs – 15.15)
                Warren Doty (Chilmark – 20.48)
Absent: Carl Widdiss (Aquinnah – 3.30)
                        John Early  (West Tisbury – 14.18)
                        Tristan Israel (Tisbury – 13.58)

Also Present:           Carol Borer, County Manager
Marsha Smolev, Executive Assistant
                        Noreen Mavro Flanders, County Treasurer
                        David O’Sullivan, Special Sheriff
                        William Weibrecht, Airport Manager
                        Sean Flynn, Assistant Airport Manager
                        George Balco, Airport Commissioner
                        Tim Carroll, Airport Commissioner
                        Josh Sabatini, Vineyard Gazette
                        Nelson Sigelman, MV Times
Chairman Morgan opened the Regular Meeting at 5:00 PM.  Richard Combra Moved that the Minutes of February 4, 2002 be Accepted as written.  Warren Doty Seconded the Motion.  The Minutes were Accepted as written.  The Minutes of April 25, 2002 could not be approved as there was no quorum of members who were present at that meeting.

Mrs. Borer reviewed the line item Transfers (see attached.)  Mrs. Borer explained that Airport Manager William Weibrecht and Assistant Airport Manager Sean Flynn, as County employees, were given two step increases each, the first for last year, the second for FY 2002.
Chairman Morgan asked for an update on the New York Avenue property.  The white building was being demolished and some cabins were being moved for storage.  

Mrs. Borer reviewed her salary increase, to $76,160 for FY 02.  

Airport transfers were reviewed, including $590.16 for a longevity payment for one employee.  Chairman Morgan asked about the lines for Parking.  Airport Manager Weibrecht explained that these lines were lumped together before and were now being separated.  Chairman Morgan then asked about the vehicles.  Mr. Weibrecht explained that after 911, private vehicles could not be used at the Airport, so buses were needed to move people, also needed, a tug for towing.

Warren Doty questioned how there could be $124,530 in increased revenue.  Mr. Weibrecht said it would be collected from increased parking revenues, fuel sales, landing fees, etc.  Mrs. Flanders added that revenues were already up over $14,000 for landing fees and if June turns out like June of last summer, the Airport would have an extra $100,000.  Mr. Weibrecht said activity was up 25% on Memorial Day Weekend and fuel sales were up 32% for that period too.  

Warren Doty asked about the Management team’s requested increases in wages.  Mrs. Borer explained that the additional funds requested, besides the step increases given, were being held in wage reserves.

Chairman Morgan called for a Motion.  Warren Doty Moved to Approve the Supplemental Budget Transfers.  Richard Combra Seconded the Motion.  The Vote to Pass was Unanimous.

Chairman Morgan said that even though it was not on the Agenda, he wished to speak to the situation between the Airport and the County in reference to wages.  Mr. Morgan said the County Commissioners had decided that reclassification of the Management positions at the Airport needed to be done within the Wage and Classification system.  Mr. Morgan reiterated that the Airport Commission had to rewrite the Job Description and indicate the additional responsibilities, especially since 911 and submit them to the County Commissioners.  It would come to the Advisory Board for the changes in appropriation. He added there could be no overtime or bonuses in managerial positions in municipal government.  It was the responsibility of management to do the job and perhaps take compensatory time.  He compared this to what happens in towns.  He added, until such time as the County Airport was independent from the County and as long as it depended on appropriations from the County, that was the way it was.  He hoped an Enterprise Fund would be established one of these days.  Warren Doty and Richard Combra said they didn’t disagree.

George Balco questioned submitting the job descriptions to the County Commissioners.  The County Manager explained the job descriptions would go the Personnel Board (Sheriff McCormack, Dianne Powers, and Marsha Smolev) to be re-graded.  Mr. Balco had a problem with the Board consisting of people who ‘set their own job rating.’  Mr. Morgan explained the Airport Commissioners would write the Job Description and they’d review the ranking. He said the County would add grades to accommodate the new Job Descriptions.  Mr. Balco asked for further clarification about submitting them to people who were involved in the positions.  Mrs. Borer said the Sheriff’s and Register’s Jobs were set by State Law and not on the Classification Plan, and they had extensive experience with Personnel matters.  Mrs. Borer and Mr. Morgan each noted that Mass Municipal Association classification plans were used.

Nelson Sigelman asked if Mr. Weibrecht was hired on a Contract, if the Airport Commission signed a Contract with him.  Mrs. Borer said it was an offer of employment.  Mr. Sigelman asked if Mr. Weibrecht was offered a sum of money to be paid in retro.  Mr. Morgan said all of these issues had to be worked out with the County and Personnel Board.  

Tim Carroll noted there was a reduction in money requested by the Airport.  Mrs. Borer said two step increases were reflected in the Budget.  Warren Doty asked about money in escrow.  Mrs. Borer explained wages were held in reserve for when the Job Descriptions were re-graded.  Mrs. Borer announced the Public Hearing for the FY 2003 Budget to be held on June 17, 2002.  Mrs. Borer said she would poll the Personnel Board to see when it would meet next after Mr. Carroll asked about the next meeting.  Tim Carroll handed Mrs. Borer a letter dated May 30, 2002 to be included in the record:

        On behalf of the Airport Commission,

        I wish to state an objection to the changes made to the supplemental budget
        request as approved by the Airport Commission and submitted through the
        County Manager for consideration by the Financial Advisory Board.

        Reductions in the fund amounts submitted by the Airport Commission for
        the Airport Manager and Assistant Manager’s salary constitutes interference
        with the Authority of the Martha’s Vineyard Airport Commission to negotiate
        wages, and expend funds generated by the Airport, in direct conflict with state
        statutes and grant assurances.  

        Timothy R. Carroll, Vice Chair

Chairman Morgan said it depended which Law was being addressed.  He added if the Airport wanted the Manager and Assistant Manager to get the pay, they had to do what was asked.

County Treasurer Noreen Flanders reported that the Governor signed the Early Retirement bill that allows the County to give up to five years added to age or five years added to years of service to employees seeking to retire.  For the County, the Advisory Board would be the body to approve it.  The County Commissioners voted to recommend that the Advisory Board vote to allow Early Retirement.  Mrs. Flanders added seven County employees could benefit, five in the Sheriff’s Dept.  This would relieve his budget.  The employees need to apply by November 1, 2002 and be gone by December 31, 2002.  George Balco left at 5:31 PM.

Discussion followed.  The Chair entertained a Motion to accept the State Law for Early Retirement, which allows adding five years to age or adding five years to years of service.  Richard Combra Moved that the County offer Early Retirement according to this State Law, allowing the addition of five years to either age or years of service.  Warren Doty Seconded the Motion.  
Warren Doty – Chilmark – Aye
Richard Combra – Oak Bluffs – Aye
Chairman Morgan – Edgartown – Aye
The Motion Passed.  

Richard Combra Moved that the meeting adjourn.  Warren Doty Seconded the Motion.  The meeting Adjourned at 5:38 PM.

Ted Morgan, Chairman
County of Dukes County Advisory Board

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