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Advisory Board Minutes 2006-02-15
Advisory Board for County Expenditures
Meeting Minutes
Wednesday February 15, 2006, 5:30 p.m.
Howes House, West Tisbury

Call to Order
Chairman John Early, West Tisbury CAB representative (14.06%) called to meeting to order with a quorum present of 79.93% of the weighted votes.  Other Advisory Board members present were: Arthur Smadbeck, Edgartown (32.85%), Warren Doty, Chilmark (19.20%), Tristen Israel, Tisbury(13.82%).

Also in attendance were: Michael McCormack, County Sheriff; Noreen Mavro Flanders, County Treasurer; Sean Flynn, Martha’s Vineyard Airport Manager; Daniel Flynn, citizen; and Jeffrey (Skipper) Manter, West Tisbury Selectman.

Adoption of minutes
Arthur Smadbeck moved to approve the minutes of July 27, 2005; seconded by Warren Doty. SO VOTED. (YEA 50.73%, 19.20% ABSTENTION).

The minutes of February 1, 2006 were corrected as follows:
        Page 1, last paragraph, first sentence beginning: “Mr. Warren Doty began…filed with Secretary of State by the last Tuesday in February.”
        Page 3, last paragraph, third sentence beginning: “Mike Dutton verified … services on the weighted basis” was stricken.
        Page 4, second paragraph, last word, change to “known” from “unknown.”
        Page 7, second paragraph, third sentence beginning: “Noreen Mavro Flanders noted …State Beach, we have not received….in the past two years.”

Noting the corrections, Mr. Israel moved to approve the minutes of February 1, 2006. Mr. Smadback seconded. SO VOTED. UNANIMOUS.


A list of transfers (dated October 5, 2005) for the Martha’s Vineyard Airport was presented by Airport Manager, Sean Flynn (attached to these minutes). It had been approved by the MVY commission at their October 5, 2005 meeting (see minutes on file).  Mr. Flynn explained that the entire $150,800.00 being requested would pay for airport vehicles (2 SUV’s and 2 dump trucks, see purchase orders on file).

        $  86,800 from Unreserved Fund Balance
            45,000 from New Wages Reserve
              9,000 from Elaine Graves line item (resigned)
            10,000 from John Tate line item (resigned)
        $ 150,800 to Automobiles & Trucks

After much discussion regarding size of vehicles, green vehicles and the amount of Unreserved Fund Balance that should be kept, Mr. Smadbeck Moved to approve the transfers as presented. Seconded by Mr. Israel.
SO VOTED (YEA 50.73%, NAY 19.20% Chilmark).

At this time Mr. Israel inquired about the $108,000 that the airport has in reserve to pay the County for past years support.  Mr. Flynn explained that until the FAA is satisfied that the issue of market value rent for County use of airport property has been resolved, it could not be released.  Noreen Mavro
Advisory Board Minutes
February 15, 2006
Page 2

Flanders stated that a letter had been sent that day (February 15, 2006) to FAA via Federal Express.  The letter informed FAA that the MVY Commission and the County Commission both voted on May 4, 2005 to the following:

        Rate of rent for properties on entrance road at the time of occupation.
        Bi-annual adjustments to a particular CPI (noted in letter)
        99 year leases
        No rent for ropes course (recreation exemption) or communication center, since the communication center is in MVY’s emergency plan.  
        When the communication center moves to the basement of the community corrections building, the current building will be turned over to MVY at no charge.

Noreen continued to explain that the amount due is still about $108,000-110,000 since interest has been accruing. The total due to the county is $160,000 +/-, so that when the rent that is due to MVY ($42,000 +/-) is taken out, the county will receive about $110,000.  Mr. Israel asked when we could expect the money.  Sean noted that “nothing happens quickly with FAA.”

FY07 Budget Discussion

Mr. Early noted that the budget before them was still had a deficit of $77,148.24.  Mr. Israel asked if a COLA had been included.  Noreen Mavro Flanders said it was not.  

Mr. Israel was uncomfortable making cuts in the budget.  He felt that the County Commissioners should make policy with guidelines from the Advisory Board.  Mr. Early noted that to balance the budget serious program cuts were needed.  Mr. Early asked the County Treasurer what the county’s unreserved fund balance was.  She responded that all fund balance of the county’s is reserved for the Weibrecht-Flynn lawsuit, so there is no unreserved fund balance.

Discussion followed regarding cutting programs, creating “fee for service” models for current programs and the value of Health Care Access Program and Veterans’ Agent.   Daniel Flynn brought up the issue of funding for the Charter Study Committee.  Mr. Smadbeck thought that could be addressed if the committee was approved by the voters in November.  Mr. Doty and Mr. Israel were not sure that their towns would be willing to pay a fee for services as well as the assessment.  Mr. Early thought that the rodent control could be eliminated entirely and save $36,000.  Mr. Israel suggested that maybe that could be a “fee for service” program like the engineer.

Mr. Doty left at this time (6:45 pm).  

Mr. Early inquired if a quorum was still present and Noreen said yes, 50.73%. Mr. Smadbeck requested that the meeting be adjourned until next week.  It was agreed that the Advisory Board would meet at 6:00 pm at the County Administration Building and meet at 7:00 pm with the County Commissioners.

Treasurer Flanders invited suggestions to different scenarios to balance the budget.  Mr. Smadbeck suggested a chart with a base engineer cost with different fee structures that would cover the rest of the program.

Meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm.


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