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10-26-2011 CAB Minutes
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
County of Dukes County

Advisory Board on County Expenditures
Joint Meeting with the County Commissioners


Wednesday, October 26, 2011
9 Airport Road, Edgartown, MA 02539   

Advisory Board: Arthur Smadbeck (Edgartown – 36.54%), Walter Vail (Oak Bluffs -14.84%), Jeff Kristal (Tisbury – 14.5%), Skipper Manter (West Tisbury – 13.11%)

Commissioner Present: Tristan Israel, Melinda Loberg, Carlene Gatting, Tom Hallahan
County Staff present: Russell H. Smith – County Manager, Martina Thornton – Ex. Assistant, Noreen Mavro Flanders – County Treasurer, Carol Grant – Parking Clerk, Jo Ann Murphy – Veterans Agent, T.J. Hegarty – IPM Director, Sean Flynn – Airport Manager, Chuck Cotnoir – Emergency Director, Warren Doty – Assoc. Commissioner for Fisheries
Others: Remy Tumin – MV Gazette, Joanie Ames – MVTV.

CAB meeting was called to order at 6pm.

The IPM FY2012 budget discussion continued
Tom did not like the idea to transfer the money from the Mosquito Fund at this point and would like to move it from the unreserved fund balance instead. Melinda asked why the funds in the Mosquito Fund have not been spent. T.J. said that it can not be spent unless the transfer is voted by the CAB. Tristan said that he would like to combine the two in the budget for next year. Jeff said that Oak Bluffs participates in the mosquito program but not in the IPM program and asked how this will be reflected. Skipper said that these are two separate functions and the cost of each should be tracked separately. Martina said that T.J. did the work on the mosquito program and was paid for it from the IPM program and if no money is transferred it would mean that towns who participated in the IPM program would pay for the mosquito program for everybody who participated in the mosquito program.

Tom/Carlene moved recommend to the CAB to transfer $3,295 from the unreserved fund balance to cover the shortfall. So voted. All in favor.

Skipper asked what the $1000 increase in the budget in FY2012 is for. Noreen said that it is a COLA that was voted, but she did not receive a budget that would reflect the increase. Skipper would like to see a reduction in the budget due to the fact that the IPM program does not service Oak Bluffs this year. T.J. said that he is still servicing Oak Bluffs private accounts at a commercial rate (example: $125 instead of $55, commercial $250 instead of $110), but does not service the public buildings. Art asked if the increase of the projected revenue of $2,500 is due to the increased pricing for Oak Bluffs residents. T.J. said no, it comes from increased use of the program throughout the island. Noreen said that if the time spent on mosquito program is allocated separately there will be a reduction in the IPM budget expense. Skipper would like to see a reduction due to Oak Bluffs voting out as well. T.J. said that his workload in the summer actually increased and he could use another person during the summer months. He collected extra 20% revenue from the program 4 months into the FY. Melinda asked what the true cost of the program is. Tristan said that having this program subsidized by the towns makes it available for private accounts at a reduced rate. Noreen said that the increased revenue offsets the increased budget. Russell said that if one town does not vote it, it does not mean that cost for other towns goes down, nor does it increase.  The sub-committee of the county commissioners instructed T.J. to do the mosquito program within his normal work hours as part of the IPM program, he did so and was paid from the IPM budget and now the money for the mosquito program should be transferred to IPM to offset that expense. Tom said that the commissioners need to do a due diligence regarding the IPM and mosquito programs, allocate the hours and the cost. He would meet with the county Fin Com to address this. Tristan asked Russell to talk to the Oak Bluffs’ new town administrator to find out if Oak Bluffs is planning to participate in the IPM program in FY2013.

Skipper/Walter moved to transfer $3,295 from the unreserved fund balance to the budget to cover the shortfall and replenish the surplus back. So voted. Nay – West Tisbury 13.11%, Tisbury 14.5%, Oak Bluffs14.84% - total 42.45% – Motion does not carry.

Tristan asked for Tom, Russell, T.J. and Noreen to meet and look into the cost allocations between IPM and mosquito program and the fact that one town does not participate in the IPM program and report back at the next meeting. Noreen said that T.J. and Russell need to come up with the allocation split. She will help with the calculations once the allocations are figured out.

Tristan asked if the CAB had any suggestions for FY2013 budget. Melinda explained that earlier Noreen presented an IPM program spreadsheet showing the difference in the budgets presented to towns for the warrant articles and the actual budget and the end of each year cost to the County which is getting higher and higher over what was agreed due to the request for level funding. Jeff said that when Tisbury sent out a request for level funding it was intended for the town budget only and not for the warrant articles. Art and Skipper agreed that they would use whatever number the County sends to be put on the warrant article. They don’t want to be presented with numbers that are not true. Once the towns pay 100% of the cost of the program, there should not be any residuum paid by the County. Russell said that the town fin coms sent letters instructing the county to level fund otherwise they would not support the warrant articles and that is why he made the decision to submit the lower numbers. CAB said that this is not what they agreed on and for next year would like to see the accurate numbers used for the calculation. Jeff asked if the mosquito program was done by the County prior to the Boards of Health (BOH) funding it. T.J. said no. Jeff asked on what basis were the BOH assessed. T.J. said that he put his IPM budget together and then he presented the cost of the mosquito program to the BOH included paying for 10 hours per week for 10 weeks, which came out to about $700 per town divided equally to be paid by each town. Tristan asked to have this sorted out by the next meeting.

Homeless program
Russell said that last year there was $5K transferred into the budget to help with fighting homelessness. Only $2,303 was spent (see attached spreadsheet). There was no money put into the FY2012 budget and he would like to transfer the remained of $2,697 to be reconstituted and transferred into the FY2012 budget. Tom said that he would like to see a formal request before any money is transferred out of the unreserved fund balance.

Tom/Carlene moved to receive a formal budget with justification for the requested funds from Connie Teixeira, the Associate Commissioner for Homelessness. Discussion: Skipper asked if there is any immediate need. Noreen said that there has been a situation already when Connie needed the money for a hotel and had to pay it out of her pocket because there are no funds currently allocated in the budget for this kind of expense. It could be put in a separate fund where the money would stay to be used and not disappear at the end of the fiscal year. So voted. All in favor.

Tom/Carlene moved to transfer $1,000 from the unreserved fund balance to the Associate Commissioners’ budget line for Connie to cover her out of pocket expenses so far and for the immediate need for homelessness. All in favor.

Skipper/Walter moved to transfer $1,000 from the unreserved fund balance to the Associate Commissioners’ budget line for Connie to be used to cover her out of pocket expense so far and for the immediate need for homelessness. All in favor.

Walter asked if there are any other outstanding expenses that will be affecting the $1000. Russell said that we don’t know about any at this time. Skipper said that the Parking Clerk seams to be a non-mandated program and he would like to have a discussion about. Tristan said that the Commissioners have it next on the Agenda and the CAB is welcome to stay for that discussion.

Skipper/Art moved to adjourn the CAB meeting at 7pm. All in favor.

Respectfully Submitted by:

JOSEPH E. SOLLITTO JR., Clerk of the Courts

Documents presented at the meeting and part of the official records:
  • Agenda

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