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You can find important links to government websites and other state agencies to assist individuals with locating vital records, genealogy archives, court record documents, and other public record searches at

To request any information and public records from Dukes County (regional government) please contact the Office of the County Manager at 508-696-3840 or e-mail your request to

Question:  How do I get a copy of my relative's birth [or death certificate]?
Answer:  You need to know in which town your relative was born [or died] and then contact the Town Clerk of that particular town.  Our website connects to each town's website to assist you.

Question:  Where do I send my tax payment?
Answer:  You need to determine which town sent you the bill, and then contact the Assessor or Tax Collector for that town.  Our website connects to each town's website to assist you.

Question:  I am interested in tax liens and tax lien auctions.  Who do I contact?
Answer:  The County does not issue tax liens nor do we conduct tax lien auctions.  All tax activity, including bills and liens, is handled by the town in which the land lies.  You need to contact the Tax Collector of the town in which you are intested.

Question:  How do I reach the County Planning Agency, or the Regional Planning Agency?
Answer:  The County of Dukes County was the first county in Massachusetts to create a Regional Planning Agency with great regulatory powers, as opposed to merely being advisory.  This agency, the Martha's Vineyard Commission, is now independent and can be reached at  

Question:  I am contemplating legal action.  How do I find a company or partnership, or their assets?
Answer:  Companies that use the surname of the individual, and partnerships can be located in the town in which they do business; companies that use other names, commonly called "d/b/a" can be located in the town in which they do business by contacting the Town Clerk; and corporations can be located at the office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth -    UCC filings, to protect lendors, can be found in the office of the Town Clerk and at the Registry of Deeds, as well as at the Secretary of the Commonwealth.

Question: I want to get married on Martha's Vineyard...what do I do?
All people who marry in Massachusetts must have a marriage license issued in Massachusetts. An out-of-state license cannot be used. The following link outlines the procedures you must follow to obtain the license: How to Apply for a Marriage License.  You may also want to check out

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