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Recycling of fishing gear and old pots at no cost
Later this winter there will be a container available at the MV Refuse District to recycle certain fishing gear and old pots at no cost to the fishermen. This is part of a Fishing For Energy gear recycling program.

The Fishing for Energy program can only accept certain types of gear, as listed below. Anything outside of this list should be approved before it is deposited into the bin.

1. Nets (nylon, polypropylene, monofilament)

      a. Examples would include trawl netting, gillnet, cast netting, etc…

       b. Organic debris (algae, seaweed, or other marine animals) should be removed as best as possible

       c. All netting should be as dry as possible (not waterlogged)

2. Fishing gear rigging (trawl dragger cookies, cans, rollers, chain)
3. Traps/Pots (wood, vinyl coated wire)

       a. Traps or pots should be crushed to reduce volume(This will be done by MV Refuse )

        b. Brick that might be housed within the trap should be removed if possible

4. Line (nylon, polypropylene)

       a. Line should be tightly coiled if possible

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