The County of Dukes County
Section I. Intent
By this resolution, the County Commissioners intend to exercise to the fullest extent possible all organizational, legislative and administrative benefits available to resi-dents of Dukes County pursuant to provisions of The Dukes County Home Rule Charter (DCHRC).           
The code herein set forth has the broad purpose of providing for the legislation structure and administration of Dukes County government. It is the intention and purpose of this code to provide a reasonable, practical and cost-effective plan of organization, which allows for effective delivery of County services and accountability of all County agencies. No provision of this code shall be interpreted to compromise the confidentiality required of any County agency or department in carrying out its functions.

The County Commissioners and the County Manager shall:

- Maintain a strong working and positive relationship with the Town Governments, Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah) and regional organizations to create a forum for addressing issues of multi-town and regional concern;

- Consider income generating opportunities including fee-based services; aggressive pursuit of Federal, State and private grants, fees for use of County properties, the sale or leasing of County assets, participate in regional power and other utility initiatives as well as other innovative and creative ways for raising revenue.