The County of Dukes County
Section VII. Definitions
Unless another meaning is clearly apparent from the manner in which the word is used, the following words as used in the Administrative Code shall have the following meaning:

A.  The word “Charter” shall mean Massachusetts General Law c. 34A Sections 15, 16, 18, 20, adopted as the Dukes County Home Rule Charter (DCHRC)

B.  County – the word “County” shall mean the County of Dukes County.

C.  County Bulletin Boards – Shall mean the bulletin board in the County of Dukes County Courthouse building or the County Administration building on which official notices are posted.

D.  General Laws – the words “General Laws” shall refer to the General Laws of Massachusetts

E.  Local Newspapers – Shall mean at least one weekly newspaper of general circulation in one or more parts of the county

F.  Majority Vote – more than 50.0% of the vote actually cast in a meeting possessing a quorum. Failure to vote or abstention votes are not counted as cast, but do count toward a quorum.

G.  Quorum – A majority of the total number of members of the Commission, Board, or Committee.