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County Commission Minutes 04/25/01

A regular meeting of the County of Dukes County Commissioners was held on Wednesday, April 25, 2001, at 7:30 p.m. in Courtroom of the Courthouse, notice of such meeting having been posted as required by law.

Commissioners Present:  Leslie H. Leland, Chairman
                                E. B. Collins
                                Roger Wey       
                                Leonard Jason, Jr.
                                John Alley
                                Daniel Flynn
                Absent: Robert Sawyer
Also Present:  Carol Borer, County Manager      
                  Marsha Smolev, Executive Assistant
 Sheriff McCormack     
                  Norman Perry
                  Derrill Bazzy, DCRHA
                  Philippe Jordi, Executive Director, DCRHA
                  Katherine Wiley, Vineyard Gazette
                  Tad Crawford, DCHC
Chairman Leland called the meeting to order at 7:38 p.m.  Commissioner Collins Moved to Approve the Minutes of March 28, 2001. John Alley Seconded the Motion. The Minutes were Accepted as written.

The County Manager reported that the New York Avenue Charrette is scheduled for May 5, 2001. Commissioner Wey asked that the abutters be informed.  Mrs. Borer said that she was in touch with Marnie Edwards who was representing the abutters and in contact with them, and reiterated the purpose of the Charrette.

Mrs. Borer reported that she is working on the application to be submitted to the Martha’s Vineyard Commission for the Retirement Board’s building addition to the County Administration Office.  Mrs. Borer went on to say that the new flagpole has arrived and is ready to be installed.  

The Ropes Course received its special permit and is now approved by the Edgartown Planning Board.  The Sheriff updated the Commissioners on this important program designed to build self-esteem with the Island youth.  It will be offered to students beginning in eighth grade.  The Ropes Course is funded by a $25,000 grant from the Alliance Against Drugs.

Mrs. Borer reported that five towns passed appropriations for the Intermunicipal Agreement for Emergency Medical Services.  Aquinnah will meet May 8.  Mrs. Borer commended Patty Begley, Fred Rundlet, Peter Strock, and others for their excellent presentations at the Tisbury Town Meeting.  She also complimented Commissioner Sawyer on arranging the lineup of speakers.

This week there were two bid openings.  There were no bids received on the Airport Security Fence Bid, and four for the Bid for two fire fighting trucks. Funds for this equipment is available through the Airport grants.

Mrs. Borer reviewed the Budget Policies as presented this week to Department Heads and other County officials.  Included in the policies is a Budget line item Overdraft with a three-way Agreement if an overdraft should occur, and Meal and Travel Reimbursement policies.  The County Manager explained that these are primarily taken from State Law.  Discussion followed.  Commissioner Flynn said he did not think these Policies should apply to the Airport.  Commissioners Jason and Alley questioned his statement.  Commissioner Flynn said he believed it is a violation of Grant Assurances for the County Manager to impose these on the Airport.  It was reiterated that these policies are State Law.

The County Manager presented information about the Healthy Communities Seminar that she and others attended.  Mrs. Borer mentioned several signs of success of a healthy community.  Successful communities:
Recognize that the health & sustainability of a community are products of the whole community working, not a result of isolated interventions in any single sector
Engage everybody and build ownership across all lines
Take both a regional & neighborhood-by-neighborhood approach
Start with shared values and a shared vision
Build on existing resources – they look at how they can do better with what they have rather than wait for another program, grant, or other bailout
Move beyond quick fixes and look at systemic change – they look at doing more with what they have

Mrs. Borer added that the Intermunicipal Agreement for Emergency Medical Services presents an opportunity to consider working on healthy community issues here, since years 2 and 3 of the Agreement specifically address healthcare services.  

Chairman Leland introduced the Emergency Management Appointment.  Mrs. Borer explained that Earl Littlefield is no longer able to continue as Director.  The position was advertised and two candidates interviewed, Norman Perry and J. Michael Riley.  Mrs. Borer recommended the appointment of Norman Perry.  Mr. Perry gave a brief personal history. Commissioner Flynn asked how Mr. Perry would fit in with the staff of volunteers in place?
 Mr. Perry explained how he is already meeting with volunteers and that he is interested in maintaining teamwork.  

Commissioner Alley Moved that the County Commissioners appoint Norman Perry to be the Director of Emergency Management.  Commissioner Collins Seconded the Motion.  The Vote to appoint Mr. Perry was Unanimous.  
Commissioner Jason Moved that the County Commissioners send a letter of appreciation to Earl Littlefield for his years of devoted service.  Commissioner Alley Seconded the Motion.  The Vote was Unanimous.  Mr. Perry said that Mr. Littlefield did a great job as Director.  He asked that he remain the Dukes County Fire Chief.  Mrs. Borer added that Mr. Littlefield had recommended Mr. Perry for the position.  

The County Manager introduced Philippe Jordi, the new Executive Director of the Dukes County Regional Housing Authority.  Mr. Jordi gave a brief background of his work that includes twelve years as a professional planner.  
There was some discussion after his presentation about affordable housing and grant writing, and a needs assessment that is due to be completed this fall.  Derrill Bazzy thanked the County Commissioners for their support and commitment to the DCRHA.  

Mrs. Borer presented a letter from the Martha’s Vineyard Commission about a Transportation Improvement Program. Commissioner Jason Moved to reappoint Commissioner Flynn to the Joint Transportation Committee.  Commissioner Collins Seconded the Motion.  The Vote was Unanimous.

Tad Crawford asked the Commissioners to include the Dukes County Health Council on their next agenda so that their consultant, Pat Fairchild, can present Phase II and introduce components of Phase III.  Discussion followed about the extensions that were granted to Phase II.  The Commissioners will make an effort to include that presentation on the agenda for May 9.  

Commissioner Collins Moved that the meeting adjourn.  Commissioner Jason Seconded the Motion. The meeting adjourned at 8:38.
Complete text of meeting is available on tape at the County Commissioner’s office.


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