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County Commission Minutes 02/13/02
A regular meeting of the County of Dukes County Commissioners was held on Wednesday, February 13, 2002 at 7:30 p.m. in the Conference Room of the County Administration Building, notice of such meeting having been posted as required by law.

Commissioners Present:  Leslie H. Leland, Chairman
                                Daniel Flynn    
                                Robert Sawyer
                                John Alley
        E. B. Collins
                                Roger Wey
Commissioner Absent:    Leonard Jason, Jr.

Also Present:           Carol Borer, County Manager     
                                Marsha Smolev, Executive Assistant      
                                Sheriff McCormack
               Stephen Berlucchi, County Engineer
                                Sandra Lothrop, Associate Commissioner
                                 Anson Krickl, Islanders for Universal Access                     
Chairman Leland called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.
        Commissioner Alley Moved that the Minutes of January 9, 2002
be Accepted as written. Commissioner Sawyer Seconded the Motion. The Vote to Approve the Minutes was Unanimous.

Stephen Berlucchi reported on the condition of the Lagoon Drawbridge as requested by Commissioner Flynn.  Mr. Berlucchi explained the different ratings of above and below water inspections, and reported that the bridge deck was rated 3 (serious condition,) the superstructure was rated 4 (poor) and the area rated by divers 5 (fair.)  While plans are underway to replace the drawbridge (probably within 3 years,) Mr. Berlucchi stressed that he believed if there was imminent danger, warnings would have been posted. Also, since boat traffic has priority over car traffic, the bridge would be left in an upright position if not considered safe for vehicular passage. The Commissioners voiced concern about emergency travel to the hospital and congestion at the Oak Bluffs blinker, should the drawbridge be closed for passage.  Commissioner Flynn urged that the Commission take an active role in the drawbridge replacement, since it was a regional issue.  

Anson Krickl reported on the progress of the Islanders for Universal Access Committee. He distributed a brochure that was being developed to spread the word about this vital issue.  Discussion followed about the Committee’s ongoing analysis of Steamship Authority accessibility.  A goal of the Committee is to come up with cost effective solutions to present to SSA management. Mrs. Borer asked that the information be communicated to the Cape Cod Transit Authority, as well as the Vineyard Transit Authority.

The County Manager’s report began with a review of the Revenue Report
and other documents pertaining to the County Advisory Board meeting held
on February 4, 2002. Mrs. Borer noted that capital expenses were not included in the Annual Budget, but were dealt with in this Supplemental Budget.  Funds for the Water Lab’s new piece of Ion Chromatography equipment were reviewed, as was the line item for the Rodent Control Program’s truck. Commissioner Wey noted $10,000 that was included for the Veterans’ Agent.  Mrs. Borer explained that the Veterans’ Agent was presently working an average of 20 hours, but the funds were moved should her hours increase. Capital Airport expenses were noted, including Master Plan Update II, Fire Truck, Security Fences I and II, Tractor, Terminal and Security, and Infrastructure.

Commissioner Sawyer asked about the Airport salaries.  Mrs. Borer reported that the Advisory Board had not voted on the Airport Manager’s and Assistant Airport Manager’s proposed increases because there was concern about process, as well as Compensation and Classification Plans. A committee was presently reviewing these two Airport requests.

The County Manager reviewed other documents in the Commissioners’ packages, including letters to Department of Transitional Assistance Commissioner Claire McIntire asking her to reconsider the proposed closing of the Vineyard DTA Office, and letters to Senator O’Leary and Representative Turkington about supporting the House Bill H.4213 that would provide funds to improve the condition of the County Courthouse, an historic building.  Commissioner Wey said there was a proposal to cut a Department of Social Services position on the Island. Commissioner Wey said he would forward information to the County Manager so the Commissioners could voice their concern about the loss of this position.

Also distributed was a press release and information about the Housing Rehabilitation Grant for $853,600.00 that the County received. The County Manager asked the Commissioners to review the draft of updated Beach Regulations so they could vote on them at the next meeting. Commissioner Flynn asked the County Manager to research the issue of who regulates the Sengekontacket side of the road of the Beach Road.  

Commissioner Sawyer reported that the Emergency Medical Services Procurement Committee voted Unanimously to proceed with the same program for the Hospital Emergency Services, however the amount of money was in question.

The Chairman presented the list of Emergency Management appointments.

        Commissioner Collins Moved that the people listed be appointed to
Emergency Management. Commissioner Alley Seconded the Motion. The
Vote to appoint the people so named was Unanimous.

A draft Resolution to increase the number of appointees to the Health Council by including the Veterans’ Agent and the two Associate Commissioners (for Affairs Concerning Handicapped Persons, and Affairs Concerning the Elderly,) was presented.  

Commissioner Collins Moved that Resolution be Approved as written. Commissioner Sawyer Seconded the Motion. The Vote to Accept the changes in the Resolution was Unanimous.

Commissioner Sawyer Moved that the Jo Ann Murphy be appointed
to the Health Council for a term of two years. Commissioner Alley Seconded
the Motion. The Vote to appoint Jo Ann Murphy, Veterans’ Agent, was

        Commissioner Sawyer Moved that Sandra Lothrop and Marguerite Bergstrom
be appointed to the Health Council for one-year terms. Commissioner Alley
Seconded the Motion.  Sandra Lothrop, Associate Commissioner for Affairs
Concerning Handicapped Persons, and Marguerite Bergstrom, Associate
Commissioner for Affairs Concerning the Elderly, were Unanimously
Appointed to the Health Council

Commissioner Alley suggested, after a discussion with Tim Soverino, Nantucket Selectman, that Nantucket Selectmen come to the Vineyard to meet with the County Commissioners.  Commissioners Sawyer and Wey expressed their interest in such a meeting.  Commissioner Flynn was opposed to the idea.  The County Manager mentioned that she regularly spoke with Nantucket’s Administrator and added that the last time a visit was planned, the County Commissioners cancelled their trip to Nantucket.
Commissioner Collins said he thought a meeting would be beneficial, provided the agenda was prepared in advance and approved by all.  He suggested the County Manager communicate with the Nantucket Administrator and see if this can be moved forward.
        Commissioner Flynn Moved that the meeting adjourn. Commissioner Alley Seconded the Motion.  The meeting adjourned at 8:49 PM.  
Complete text of meeting is available on tape at the County Commissioner’s office.


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