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County Commission Minutes 05/29/02

A special meeting of the County of Dukes County Commissioners was held on Wednesday, May 29, 2002 at 7:00 p.m. in the Conference Room of the County Administration Building, notice of such meeting having been posted as required by law.

Commissioners Present:  Leslie H. Leland, Chairman
                                Daniel Flynn    
                                Robert Sawyer (7:29 PM)
                                E. B. Collins
                                John Alley (7:29 PM)
                                Roger Wey (7:18 PM)
                                Leonard Jason, Jr.

Also Present:           Carol Borer, County Manager     
                                Marsha Smolev, Executive Assistant      
                                Sheriff McCormack
                                Dianne Powers, Register of Deeds
                                Noreen Flanders, County Treasurer
                                David Kann, Wastewater Treatment Facility Director
                                Robert Culbert, Beach Manager, Water Lab Director
                                Sarah Kuh, VHCAP Coordinator
                                Cynthia Mitchell, Health Council
                                William Weibrecht, Airport Manager                                                              Sean Flynn, Assistant Airport Manager                                                    Tim Carroll, Airport Commission
                                George Balco, Airport Commission        
                                Josh Sabatini, MV Gazette
Chairman Leland called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM.

Commissioner Collins Moved that the Minutes of April 24, 2002,
be approved as written.   Commissioner Flynn seconded the Motion.
The Minutes were approved as written.  Commissioner Jason Moved
that the Minutes of May 15, 2002 be approved as written.  
Commissioner Collins Seconded the Motion that was passed
Mrs. Borer reviewed changes in the Budget for FY 2003 made since the last County Commissioners’ Meeting, including the new coversheet with Supplemental Budget changes, as Commissioner Collins had requested.  In the Courthouse Budget, Dept. 600, General Liability Insurance was corrected to $2500.  Liability Insurance was added, $2500., in the Administration Building Dept. 610.  Mrs. Borer did not change the line for $200 for repairs to the Administration Building, as she believed there was enough money in other lines to move should more expensive repairs be needed.

In Dept. 1700, Airport, Mrs. Borer moved money from salary lines to Wages Reserves, since the Union Contract was still in Mediation.  The bottom line of the Budget remained the same.  

Commissioner Flynn left the room at 7:20 PM, just before discussion began about Airport Manager and Assistant Manager salaries.  

Mrs. Borer reported that the Budget reflected two step increases each for William Weibrecht and Sean Flynn, for FY 2001 and FY 2002.  Their salaries, as all other salaries, were level funded for FY 2003.  Also, longevity pay for an Airport employee was included in the FY 2003 Budget.

Commissioner Flynn returned at 7:25 PM.

Commissioner Collins asked if wage reserves would be transferred to individual lines once the Union details were settled and Mrs. Borer said yes.

Mrs. Borer reported on the change in her salary line in Dept. 300 for FY 02, to $76,160.00  

Chairman Leland called for a Motion to adopt the FY 2003 Budget.

Commissioner Jason asked about the funding for the Health Council that would double their budget because of a proposed 50% reimbursement plan.  Mrs. Borer reported that as suggested, she spoke with Dan Seklecki of the school system to find out about the school’s reimbursement program from the Dept. of Medicaid.  Mr. Seklecki said up to $13,000 was collected in reimbursements for 50 to 60 children over the past 2 years.  He reported the data collection process was prolonged and required considerable time each month.  He was not sure if there would be overlap with school funds and VHCAP (Vineyard Health Care Access Program) monies.  Mrs. Borer said she could not double the VHCAP Budget without the facts, time frame, reimbursement plan etc.  Commissioner Sawyer asked if Mrs. Borer had spoken to the Agency involved.  She replied that they had not returned her calls.

Cynthia Mitchell said Mrs. Borer had the sample contract and that the plan was similar to the school system’s but different.  Ms. Mitchell said she was told virtually all of VHCAP expenses were reimbursable.  Mrs. Borer said she had asked for attachment B of the Budget.  She said she would revisit this after discussing it with DMA.  Ms. Mitchell said the reimbursable expenses were clear in the Scope of Services in the Contract, but Mrs. Borer disagreed.  She said she did not know the amount of the reimbursement and the amount was not included in the Scope.  Ms. Mitchell reiterated it was 50%.  Commissioner Wey asked to see a copy of the Contract.  Mrs. Borer read a list of the responsibilities of the County as mentioned in the Contract.  Commissioner Wey asked what were the County Manager’s concerns.  Mrs. Borer said she did not know how much money would be reimbursed.  She suggested starting with the Budget as she drafted and seeing how that went.  She said the Budget could be amended later.  Commissioner Jason asked where the money would come from if the Budget were doubled as Ms. Mitchell suggested.

Mrs. Borer said to not address the concerns would be a mistake.  Commissioner Sawyer asked to hold off on the Budget.  He questioned how it could be approved without dealing with salaries?  Commissioner Collins said the Airport Management and County Manager’s salaries were discussed before Commissioner Sawyer arrived.  Commissioner Sawyer asked how the Budget could be approved without discussing other salaries?  Mrs. Borer asked to return to the topic at hand.  She was not in favor of holding up the Budget and noted that she believed if she got the Budget to the State before the end of June, it would be passed by mid July.

Commissioner Sawyer said holding it for one week would be preferable. Commissioner Flynn said the Budget had already been carried to a second meeting.  Commissioner Sawyer pressed for dialogue with the Dept. of Medicaid.  Commissioner Jason suggested adopting the Budget, running it for a quarter then amending if need be.  Discussion continued.  Ms. Mitchell explained that if the Budget were left at $46,000, reimbursement would only be $23,000.  Commissioner Jason said any other way could run into trouble, then what would they do?  Ms. Mitchell said, “cut the budget.”  Commissioner Alley asked that the conservative approach be taken.  Commissioner Jason said they couldn’t raise the number to money they didn’t have.  Commissioner Wey agreed.  

Commissioner Sawyer reported on the Subcommittee (Commissioners Sawyer, Collins, Leland) that had been appointed to look at Mrs. Borer’s and Airport salaries.  The Subcommittee’s recommendation was to give the County Manager a 2% raise for FY 2002.  The Subcommittee shared serious concerns about the impact of level funding other salaries.  He asked if there was a viable way to give those step increases and how much would it cost?  Mrs. Borer said it would cost about $13,000.  The Subcommittee had discussed this with the County Manager, who discussed possible repercussions with the Sheriff.  Airport stipends were mentioned too, with the Subcommittee asking to see a spreadsheet of salaries and stipends.  The Sheriff voiced his concern about his employees’ salaries being frozen last meeting and since, met with his staff.  The Sheriff’s employees said, as a team, they preferred the freeze to any losses of jobs.  The Sheriff reported State cuts to his Budget and how the cost of step increases would dramatically affect his FY 2003 Budget.   Commissioner Wey applauded the attitude of the Sheriff’s employees.  The Sheriff agreed he had great employees.  Commissioner Jason said this was the bleakest period the County had ever seen.  The County Manager said she could not cut the Budget any more.

        Commissioner Jason Moved to Adopt the FY 2003 Budget.  Commissioner
        Alley Seconded the Motion.

Commissioner Sawyer asked about the possibility of amending the Budget if it were approved.  Commissioner Flynn asked when the Advisory Board would vote on it.

Mrs. Borer announced there would be a Public Hearing on June 17th, and that there needed to be 14 days between the announcement of the Hearing and the Hearing, so if the Budget were amended, the Hearing would have to be rescheduled.  

        The Vote to Adopt the FY 2003 Budget Passed with Commissioner
        Flynn Abstaining.  

Mrs. Borer announced that the Advisory Board was meeting the next day to vote on Supplemental Budget Transfers.  

Sarah Kuh left at 8:08 PM.  

Commissioner Sawyer said he would be distressed if anything went before the Advisory Board that the Commissioners hadn’t had the opportunity to act on.  

Cynthia Mitchell and Commissioner Flynn left at 8:10 PM.

Mrs. Borer reviewed the Supplementary Budget line by line.  

        Commissioner Alley Moved to Approve line item transfers.  Commissioner
        Sawyer Seconded the Motion.  The Motion Passed with Commissioner
        Flynn Abstaining (and absent from the vote.)

Discussion followed about Commissioner Sawyer’s suggestion that all issues brought to the Advisory Board be discussed by the Commissioners prior, so they could make recommendations.  Commissioner Flynn noted the County Manager’s statutory right to bring things to the Advisory Board unilaterally.  Commissioner Sawyer disagreed, saying the Charter said the County Commissioners approved the Budget.  Commissioner Jason suggested Commissioner Sawyer attend the Advisory Board meeting. Commissioner Wey disagreed with Commissioner Sawyer and referred to his experience on the Advisory Board.  

Mrs. Borer reported there was nothing new to report on the 501(c)(3). Commissioner Wey asked that it be dealt with soon.

Commissioner Alley Moved to adjourn.  Commissioner Wey Seconded the

Other Business:
Treasurer Flanders explained that the Governor had signed the Early Retirement Bill and it was necessary for the Advisory Board to decide how they wanted to proceed.  Mrs. Flanders explained that five years could be added to time in service or age.  Discussion followed.  

Commissioner Jason Moved that the County Commissioners recommend that the Advisory Board adopt the 5 year policy with no limitations.
        Commissioner Sawyer Seconded the Motion.  The Motion Passed

The meeting adjourned at 8:27 PM.  

Complete text of meeting is available on tape at the County Commissioner’s office.


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