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County Commission Minutes 01/08/03
A regular meeting of the County of Dukes County Commissioners was scheduled for Wednesday, January 8, 2003 at 7:00 p.m. in the Conference Room of the County Administration Building, notice of such meeting having been posted as required by law.

Commissioners Present: Leslie H. Leland, Chairman; Leonard Jason, Jr.; John Alley; Roger Wey; Robert Sawyer; Nelson Smith and Paul Strauss
Also Present: Dianne Powers, Deputy County Manager; Marsha Smolev, Executive Assistant; Joseph Sollitto,Jr., Clerk of Courts; Noreen Flanders, County Treasurer; Sheriff McCormack; Woodrow Williams; Ezra Blair, MV Times; Joanna Jernegan; E.B. Collins; Marion Strauss; Eric Strauss; Richard Combra; David Kann; Cassie Roessel; Tim Carroll; John Watson; Jennie Greene; Mev Good; Craig Wiggins; Ted Stanley; Brian Flanders; Sam Sawyer; Herb Putnam; Steve Berlucchi, County Engineer; Jonathan Burke, Gazette; Frank Daly; Bill Mill; Robert Culbert; Sean Flynn; William Weibrecht; George Balco; Sarah Kuh; Marni Lipke and Michael Gilman.
Swearing in Ceremony of the new County Commissioners at 7:02:
The Clerk of Courts, Joseph Sollitto, Jr., swore in Commissioners Nelson Smith, Paul Strauss, Leslie Leland and Robert Sawyer.

Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman:
Commissioner Alley was voted Chairman. Commissioner Sawyer was voted as Vice-Chairman.

Airport Commission Appointments:  
The Commissioners discussed letters from John Alley and Nelson Smith which came in after the deadline, although intent was stated previously from both candidates.
Commissioner Sawyer made a motion to accept the two additional candidates’ applications.   Commissioner Strauss Seconded the Motion.
Vote in the affirmative from Commissioners Wey, Sawyer, Strauss, Smith and   Alley. Vote in the negative from Commissioners Jason and Leland. Motion carries.
The Commissioners considered applications for Airport Commissioner from the following applicants: Jesse Law. III, T.J. Hegarty, Myron Garfinkle, Marc Villa, Stuart Lollis, Craig Wiggins, Jane A. Greene, Tim Carroll, John Alley and Nelson Smith.
Appointed to a three-year term are: Jesse Law, III, T.J. Hegarty and Nelson Smith. Appointed for a one-year term is John S. Alley.

Joint Transportation Committee:
Commissioner Jason made a motion that Steve Berlucci be re-appointed to the Joint Transportation Committee seconded by Commissioner Sawyer. Vote was unanimous in favor. Motion carries.

Review Supplemental Budget Transfers:
At their meeting of December 19, 2002, the Advisory Board had postponed action on the Supplemental Budget Transfers until the County Commissioners reviewed it and commented. The Commissioners discussed Ms. Borer’s departure and the need to transfer money from her salary line to temporary help, Holiday, Vacation, Sick Pay line and General Liability to Travel inside State line for County Manager search.  There was discussion concerning circumstances surrounding Ms. Borer’s departure.
Commissioner Wey made a motion to appoint Paul Strauss and Nelson Smith to  a sub-committee to review circumstances leading up to the County Manager’s leaving and report back to the Commissioners in two weeks.  Seconded by Commissioner Sawyer.  Vote in the affirmative: Commissioners Wey, Alley and Sawyer. Vote in the negative: Commissioners Jason and Leland.  Motion carries.  
There was discussion concerning the amount requested for temporary help. The Commissioners were concerned that there was no plan in place and the whole amount should not be transferred.
Commissioner Sawyer made a motion to approve supplemental budget transfer from 51101 to 51009 for $4000 and send to Advisory Board for approval.  The motion was seconded by Commissioner Wey.  
After discussion,
Commissioner Sawyer made a motion to amend the change to the transfer amount from $18,000 to $4,000.
After discussion, motions were withdrawn by Commissioners Sawyer and Wey.
Commissioner Wey made a motion to send line 51101 ($18000) of the supplemental budget to the Advisory Board for approval, seconded by Commissioner Jason.  Motion carries.

County Manager Screening Committee:
The Commissioners received several letters from representatives willing to serve on the Screening Committee:  Health Council: Tad Crawford; Department Head: Mike McCormack; Housing Authority: Abbe Burt; MV Chamber of Commerce: Valerie Richards agreed to put it on their agenda for their January 12th meeting. The Commissioners discussed that they needed someone from the Charter Committee and an At-large member.
Commissioner Sawyer made a motion to appoint Margaret Logue as the Charter Committee representative. Motion was seconded. Vote was unanimous.

Commissioner Sawyer made a motion to appoint Ned Orleans as the At-large member.  Commissioner Strauss seconded the motion. Vote was unanimous.

The Commissioners discussed the outstanding certificate of employment between the former County Manager and the County and whether to have the Deputy Manger run the County or appoint an interim County Manager.  Dianne Powers agreed to meet with the Sheriff and the Treasurer to get together a laundry list of things that need to be done.
Commissioner Wey made a motion to meet Monday, January 13, 2003 at 6:00 p.m.  to continue discussion, seconded by Commissioner Sawyer.  Vote unanimous.

The Commissioners made a motion to go into executive session and not reconvene in open session for the purpose of discussion of possible litigation, including complaints about an employee arising from a letter dated December 24, 2002, received from Attorney Ana Gomez-Blanchfield.  Role call vote: John Alley, aye; Roger Wey, aye; Leonard Jason, Jr., aye; Nelson Smith, aye; Paul Strauss, aye; Leslie Leland, aye; Robert Sawyer, aye. Vote carries.


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