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County Commission Minutes 06/25/03
A regular meeting of the County of Dukes County Commissioners was held Wednesday,
June 25, 2003 at 6:00 p.m. in the conference room of the County Administration Building, notice of such meeting having been posted as required by law.

Commissioners Present: Leonard Jason, Jr.; Robert Sawyer; Paul Strauss; Roger Wey; Leslie Leland; John Alley, Chairman; Nelson Smith.   
Also Present:  Dianne Powers, Acting County Manager; Marsha Smolev, Executive Assistant; Noreen Mavro Flanders, County Treasurer; David O’Sullivan, Special Sheriff; Steve Berlucchi, County Engineer; Jonathan Burke, Vineyard Gazette; Ezra Blair, MV Times; Tad Crawford, Health Council; Sarah Kuh, VHCAP; William Weibrecht, Airport Manager; Sean Flynn, Assistant Airport Manager; Michael Eldridge, WWTF; Robert Culbert, Water Testing Lab and Recreation (6:40 PM); John Early (6:45 PM), Carl Widdiss (6:45 PM), Advisory Board, WT; Richard Combra, Advisory Board, OB; Jo Ann Murphy, Veterans’ Agent.
The Chairman opened the meeting at 6:05 PM.

Commissioner Jason Moved that the Minutes of June 9, 2003 be approved as written.  Commissioner Smith Seconded the Motion.  The Motion Passed Unanimously.

Commissioner Leland Moved that the Minutes of June 11, 2003 be approved as written.  Commissioner Sawyer Seconded the Motion.  The Motion Passed.  Commissioners Alley and Smith Abstained.

Treasurer Flanders reviewed the Supplementary Line Item Budget Transfers and Interdepartmental Transfers for Fiscal Year 2003 (attached.) Mrs. Flanders explained several line transfers including those from the Temporary Employee Line in Department 300 to cover Diane Abbot’s salary and those needed to complete covering changes in Carol Borer’s lines. Treasurer Flanders explained changes from Workers’ Compensation lines that were necessary because the final amounts differed from those projected.  Other transfers were also explained.

Sean Flynn reviewed the Airport transfers explaining staff changes and extra funds in the Electric line due to a groundwater remediation pump being turned off.  Commissioner Jason questioned the large amount in the Overtime line.  Mr. Flynn explained that the Union Contract did not allow temporary employees to be used in lieu of full time employees.  The line for Profession and Technical was questioned by Commissioner Leland.  Mr. Flynn said this included West Tisbury Police coverage and appraisals.  Commissioner Sawyer asked about the Miscellaneous Contractual line.  Mr. Flynn said this included Bruno’s Roll-off, janitorial work, sprinkler inspection, the Recorder of Minutes, storage, weather service, security design and other maintenance such as maintenance of doors and generators.  Mr. Flynn reviewed transfers out to capital projects and discussed the need for a service crane truck.  Mr. Weibrecht said some of these capital improvements were for projects needed to bring the Airport into 100% compliance. Commissioner Sawyer questioned water utilities.  Mr. Flynn explained the purchase of water from Oak Bluffs and that in 2004 the Airport would be its own water operator.  Commissioner Jason asked if everyone was metered already.  Mr. Weibrecht said only four or less still needed to be metered.

Ms. Powers reviewed the Registry of Deeds lines noting that equipment in the Registry was starting to need repair and would need to be replaced.  Chairs in the Records Room were replaced this year.  Ms. Powers explained that money was being transferred to cover the cost of producing books.  The Registry is now producing one book per week.  Ms. Powers reviewed how of the 42.5% of Deeds Excise that come back to the County, 10% goes to the Registry of Deeds.

David O’Sullivan reviewed the Sheriff’s Office’s Line Item Transfers noting that he had underestimated the cost of retirement and had to transfer money to cover some of these lines.

Rob Culbert arrived after being off-Island at a training session.  His Departments were reviewed.  Mr. Culbert explained that money had to be transferred from the Lab to Recreation because he was working 25 hours/week in that Department (rather than the budgeted 10) and 15 hours/week in the Lab (rather than the budgeted 30.)  Commissioner noted that Mr. Culbert’s budget in the Water Testing Laboratory showed money being spent on a machine that still wasn’t working (the Ion Chromatography machine.)  Mr. Culbert explained he was pursuing drafting a letter to ask that the company (Dionex) replace the machine and lease it to the County.  Chairman Alley asked if Mr. Culbert was certified to run the machine.  Mr. Culbert said he couldn’t be certified to run the machine until it was operational.  Commissioner Wey asked what the timetable was and when the machine would be returned.  Commissioner Jason reminded Commissioner Wey that he and Commissioner Strauss had been asked as a sub-committee to deal with the issue and that Commissioner Strauss’ relative, an expert in the field, had arrived and would assess the situation.  

Mrs. Flanders reviewed the Interdepartmental Transfers.  

Commissioner Smith Moved that the Commissioners enter into Executive Session for the purpose of discussing non-union contract negotiations relating to Laurie Perry and not return to Open Session.  Commissioner Sawyer Seconded the Motion. The Commissioners invited Ms. Powers and Ms. Smolev to attend.  Roll Call vote: Commissioner Sawyer – aye; Commissioner Wey – aye; Commissioner Jason – aye; Commissioner Strauss – aye; Commissioner Smith – aye; Commissioner Strauss – aye; Commissioner Leland – aye; Chairman Alley – aye.

The Commissioners moved into Executive Session in the Retirement Office at 7:00 PM.

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