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DCC Minutes 05/09/07
May 9, 2007, 5 p.m.
Administration Building

Call to order
Chairman Paul Strauss called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.  A quorum was present.  Commissioners Carlene Gatting, Tristan Israel, Lenny Jason, Les Leland, John Alley and Roger Wey were present as well as County Manager E. Winn Davis.

Other representatives or visitors present included County Rodent Control Agent TJ Hegarty, Mimi Davisson, Woody Williams, and MVTV.
County Manager’s Report
Statement of Financial Interest
Winn Davis reminded the Commissioners that the deadline to submit their Statements of Financial Interest is May 29th.  

Norton Point Beach Breach Update
Winn Davis reported that he in addition to Carlene Gatting and Lenny Jason attended a meeting in Edgartown regarding the Norton Point Beach Breach.  He said the Edgartown Selectmen hosted the meeting and they would be on going weekly meetings.  Safety was the topic of discussion at the meeting.  

Lenny Jason said he had concerns that were not addressed at the meeting such as having someone patrol the beach 24 hours a day.  He also was disappointed that beach nourishment was not discussed, specifically rebuilding dunes and planting beach grass.  Carlene Gatting pointed out that The Trustees of Reservation have different views and feel the best type of habitat is flat sand with nothing on it.  It was agreed that since the Town was having weekly meetings a discussion between TTOR, County, and the Conservation Dept could happen there.

Steamship Authority House Bill No. 3681 Public Hearing
Winn Davis explained that Marc Hanover the Island’s Representative to the Steamship requested the support of the Commissioners at the Public Hearing on House Bill No. 3681.  The bill proposes to reduce both Dukes County and Nantucket County’s votes by 5% each and give 10% to the State.  It was agreed that Roger Wey and Paul Strauss would go to the public hearing to voice the Commissioner’s opposition to the bill.  It was agreed that Winn Davis would write a letter of opposition to the bill.  Mimi Davisson asked that an address where letters and comments could be sent be made available.  Winn Davis said he would get that information to all of the Charter Study Members as well as the County Advisory Board.

Beach Rules & Regs
Winn Davis asked if there was anyone who would volunteer to review the Beach Rules and Regulations.  Tristan Israel, Carlene Gatting, and Paul Strauss volunteered.  

Tristan Israel announced that the next Eastville Beach Meeting would be May 16th at noon at the County Administration Building.

Old Business
Discussion of Code of Conduct
Paul Strauss distributed a sheet with comments that he asked the Commissioners to consider in a Code of Conduct.  Roger Wey said he would like to take the document home to review and discuss at a later time.

It was agreed that Woody would have time to speak regarding Paul’s comments at the last meeting on a future agenda.  

Tristan Israel expressed that he feels the Chairman’s comments are well taken, but does not feel it should be codified.  Lenny Jason said he agreed.      

There was a brief discussion with Les Leland and Paul Strauss regarding a Commissioner’s ability to make a comment on a topic.  Paul said the particular topic Les wanted to discuss was not on the agenda and would be at a future time.

Woody Williams said that at the previous meeting Paul made comments regarding his behavior and conduct, which he disagrees with.  Woody said he did not do what he was accused of.  He would like a public apology.  

Budget Timeline Policy
Winn Davis distributed a timeline that he would like to be added to the Administrative Code under the Budget.  

Carlene Gatting asked Noreen Mavro - Flanders if she had seen the Budget Timeline and if it worked for her office.  Noreen said she had not seen it, but could work with any schedule that gets it done.

There was a discussion regarding when communications should be taking place with the County Advisory Board.  It was agreed that in the start of the budget process there should be an initial meeting with the Commissioners and then a joint meeting with the Advisory Board.  

Mimi Davisson offered her opinion as a citizen and a member of the Oak Bluffs Finance Committee.  She said she would like the Commissioners and the Advisory Board have discussions as soon as possible.  That way there is no last minute surprises.  She said that it would be nice for the County to give the Town’s Finance Committees an idea of assessment or any other costs, such as the Engineering fees.  

Winn Davis pointed out that the proposed policy would be a Draft Advisory going to the Advisory Board and Towns no later then December 31st.

Tristan Israel / Carlene Gatting Moved to add the Budget Timeline to the Administrative Code with the addition of an initial meeting of the County Commissioners at the start of the timeline, between September 1st and 15th, So Voted, unanimous (7-0-0).

New Business
Mosquito Control - TJ Hegarty
TJ reported to the Commission that the Town of Edgartown has requested assistance for mosquito control.  He provided information regarding the chemicals Altosid and Methoprene that are used for mosquitoes.  He said the State is concerned with the spread of diseases caused by infected mosquitoes.  He informed the Commissioners that there would be a meeting on May 31st at 9am at the VTA with the Boards of Selectmen, Boards of Health, Harbormasters, and Shellfish Wardens to hear from Jeff O’Neil, the manufacturer.  Also present would be Gabriella from the Cape Cod Mosquito Control Program to provide a power point presentation.  
Tristan Israel said he would like to speak with Bill Wilcox and the Division of Fisheries to discuss the impact the chemicals may have on fish and lobster larvae.  Les Leland said that there should be some discussions with Nantucket if they are using the products.  

·       Invitation to Chamber of Commerce Spring Dinner
·       Letter from Marc Hanover

·       The Dukes County Charter Study Commission meets May 24th at 5 p.m. at the VTA Admin Building.
·       Mosquitoes Control Seminar will be Thursday, May 31st at 9am at the West Tisbury Fire Station.
·       The Dukes County Airport Commission will meet on Wednesday, June 6th, at 5:30 p.m. at the Airport Administration Building.
·       The Dukes County Retirement Board will meet Tuesday, June 12th at 10am at the County Admin Building.
·       The Dukes County Commissioners will meet on Wednesday June 13th, at 5pm at the County Administration Building.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned the meeting at 6:10 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted by:

JOSEPH E. SOLLITTO JR., Clerk of the Courts

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