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DCC Minutes 01/31/07
January 31, 2007, 5 p.m.
Administration Building

Call to order
Chairman Paul Strauss called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.  A quorum was present.  Commissioners Tristan Israel, Roger Wey, Carlene Gatting, John Alley, Lenny Jason, and Les Leland were present as well as County Manager E. Winn Davis, and Jennifer Caton, Executive Assistant.  

Other representatives or visitors present included Chuck Cotnoir, Emergency Management; Hans von Steiger Associate Commissioner for Elderly Affairs; Marc Hanover; Ted Stanley; Sandra Polleys; and Joanie Ames MVTV.

John Alley / Tristan Israel Moved to adopt the amended minutes of January 17, 2007; SO VOTED (7-0-0), unanimous.  
Amendment to the motion nominating Les Leland as Vice-Chairman.  Instead of Lenny Jason making the second it should read Tristan Israel.

County Manager’s Report
FAA Update- Winn Davis reported that the requested materials from the FAA have been transmitted electronically.

Charter Study Commission Budget-Winn Davis reported that the County Advisory Board had approved an Initial and Supplemental Budget for the Charter Study Commission.  Both budgets would be sent to the State for review.  The review will take place on February 14th.  He explained that the budget process has not been delayed because the State Review Board only meets once a month.

Winn Davis announced the Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions has named Paul Strauss the Conservation Commissioner of the year.

Chairman’s Report and Communication
Chairman Paul Strauss suggested having time in the meeting for concerns of the Commissioners.  He further explained that if it is lengthy topic that it could go on the agenda for the next meeting.

Carlene Gatting requested a list of the ongoing issues and projects that are being worked on.  She suggested the list be ongoing, and attached to the agenda with the current status of the projects.
Tristan Israel added that he would like major correspondence received by the County manager's office to be copied and included in their meeting packets.

Roger Wey suggested having a folder for the correspondence.

After discussion it was agreed that there would be a folder kept in the office for correspondence and important correspondence would be included in the packets along with an action list.  

Subcommittee Reports
Slaughterhouse Update – TJ Hegarty
TJ Hegarty provided the Commissioners with an overview of what Pilgrim RC&D is, a list of grants opportunities, scholarship information, and application for assistance. (See attached)

TJ also announced that there would be a meeting on February 22 with a Federal and State agencies to deal with regulations for slaughterhouses

The Commissioners asked TJ to research the following information:
What are the license requirements and the cost associated with the license?  What would it take to have a portable slaughterhouse and what are the costs?  Is there any grant funding available for projects associated with portable slaughterhouses?  

It was recommended that TJ contact those involved with the Agricultural Commission to work on the project together.  Winn Davis said he would contact Barnstable County to see where they are and if they would like to work with us.

Tristan Israel also suggested getting public input and comments regarding the need and desire for a portable slaughterhouse.  

Steamship Authority Update – Marc Hanover
Marc Hanover provided an update on the “Island Home”.  He said it is on its way to the island.  It travels at 12 knots and burns 100 gallons per hour.  He explained that the boat is custom-made and may need some time to work any bugs out.  He announced that the bow would be commissioned Saturday morning on March 3rd.  There would be an open house on March 4th.  It would start in service on March 5th.  

Marc Hanover also reported that the steamship ended the year $3 million in the black.  In his update, he mentioned the legislation asking for reorganization of the steamship Authority's board has been re-filed.  A union, that the Steamship has not been able to negotiate a contract with in over five years, is proposing the legislation.  Paul Strauss asked Winn Davis to send another letter in support of the Steamship Authority to Senator O'Leary and Representative Turkington.

Roger Wey wanted it to be noted that he was displeased that Hyline, the boat service that was running out of Oak Bluffs is not running year-round.  He feels they are just taking advantage of the summer business.

Charter Study Commission Updates
John Alley provided a brief update on the Workgroup on Background Information.  He said each member had been delegated tasks.  They would be looking to get information on other Counties and regional forms of government.  They are also in the process of setting up a library in the office space downstairs.   Roger Wey asked what would happen to the equipment that is currently occupying that space.  Winn Davis said that he would sell what he could on Ebay and dispose of the rest.  Roger asked if the other water lab would be interested in the equipment.  Winn said that he had contacted the Tribe and they are not.

Winn Davis provided a brief update on the Workgroup on Process.  He said the Chair of the workgroup is Paddy Moore.  He explained that this workgroup would have a short life span.  It’s primary objective is to put together how everything will be done for the Charter Study.  

Tristan Israel provided a brief update on the Workgroup Developing a Work Plan.  He said the work plan would need to be presented before the main Charter Study Commission.  Ted Stanley provided further information.  He said they had a detailed listing of all the tasks that need to be considered throughout the process of studying the County.  He explained that after the plan is approved, the workgroup would go dormant, but would make adjustments to the work plan when necessary.
Old Business - Appointments
Associate Commissioner for Elder Affairs (Hans von Steiger)
Hans von Steiger provided a report of the new laundry service program for qualified elderly.  He explained that those who qualify for the program could have their laundry picked up at their homes and delivered back to them free of charge.  He explained it is a pilot program that may be able to be expanded and made available to others.  He added that the services could be available to other elderly people who do not qualify for a charge.  He explained that his upcoming project would be to provide similar services for food shopping.

Paul Strauss appointed Hans von Steiger to be the associate Commissioner for Elder Affairs for a one-year term.

Dukes County Emergency Management Director (Chuck Cotnoir)
Chuck Cotnoir provided a report in which he explains that as Emergency Management Director.  He is responsible for all County property and personnel in the case of an emergency.  There were some questions regarding what would happen in case of a disaster such as a major hurricane.  Tristan Israel explained that the boards of health from each town and the hospital have plans.  It was recommended that it would be good ideas to have someone come in to discuss what those plans are.  It was asked if there is a central command and point of contact for the Island.  Chuck explained that for communications, there is the Communications Center that is run by the Sheriff's Department.  He also said in regards to a command post, there is none.  

Lenny Jason/Tristan Israel Moved to appoint Chuck Cotnoir as Emergency Management Director for a one-year term, So Voted, unanimous. (7-0-0)

John Alley/Carlene Gatting Moved to appoint Chuck Cotnoir as the Assistant to the Steamship Authority Representative for Emergency Affairs for a one-year term, So Voted, unanimous. (7-0-0)

John Alley/Tristan Israel Moved to appoint Chuck Cotnoir as the County's representative to the Medical Reserve Corp for a one-year term, So Voted, unanimous.  (7-0-0)

Dukes County Regional Housing Authority Appointee for Chilmark (Zelda Gamson)
John Alley/Tristan Israel Moved to appoint Zelda Gamson to the Dukes County Regional Housing Authority for a three-year term, So Voted, unanimous. (7-0-0)

New Business
Policy to Select Future Chair and Vice Chair
Winn Davis distributed a proposal for a policy to select future Chairman and Vice Chairman.  (See attached)
There was much discussion regarding the policy with the Commissioners.  There were three major opinions.  The first was to have a set process in which there would be rotation of the Chair and Vice-Chair that was pre-determined.  The second was to have a system in which the Vice Chair would become the Chair, and there would be an election to vote for the Vice Chair annually.  The third was to elect a Chair and Vice-Chairman annually.

Lenny Jason/John Alley Moved to elect a Chair and Vice Chair annually with a stipulation that no one will serve more than one consecutive year in a position, Motion Failed, (3-3-1), John Alley, Lenny Jason, Paul Strauss in favor; Tristan Israel, Roger Wey, Les Leland against; Carlene Gatting abstained.

Tristan Israel/Roger Wey Moved to adopt the policy, which the Vice-Chair becomes Chairman, and there is an election of Vice-Chair annually, So Voted, (3-2-2).  Roger Wey, Tristan Israel, Les Leland in favor; Lenny Jason & John Alley against; Paul Strauss & Carlene Gatting abstained.

Carlene Gatting said she would like to revisit and reconsider the policy in the future.  Tristan Israel said that he would ask for reconsideration on the policy.  According to procedure the topic should be discussed at the next meeting.  It was agreed by the Commissioner to wait until there is a full board.  It would be put on the March 28th meeting agenda.  

Eastville Beach Management
Tristan Israel asked the Commission is to think about planning issues and raising public awareness for Eastville Beach.  He said the beach is in need of attention.  He explained that the County, Tisbury, and Oak Bluffs own sections of the beach separately.  He would like to have a meeting with the County, Tisbury, and Oak Bluffs, Department of Public Works, and Conservation Commissions of each of the towns to look at total beach management.  A discussion on a Beach Management Plan would be put on the agenda for the February14th meeting.

Other Business
Goal Discussion
Winn Davis distributed the minutes to the October 26th Goal Setting Meeting.  He explained, he was providing the minutes so the Commissioners could review the goals that were presented and think about them for a future discussion.  Tristan Israel suggested that the minutes also be given to the Charter Study Commission.

Airport Allocations
Carlene Gatting requested a discussion of the airport allocations be placed on the February 14th agenda.

·       Invitation to the Dukes County Deputy Sheriff’s Association Annual Banquet
Public Comment
·       The Dukes County Charter Study Commission meets February 1 at 5 p.m. at the VTA Administration Building.
·       The Dukes County Airport Commission meets February 7 at 5:30p.m. at the Airport Conference Room
·       The Dukes County Contributory Retirement Board meets February 13 at 9 a.m. at the County Administration Building.
·       The next meeting of the Dukes County Commissioners will be Wednesday, February 14, at 5 p.m. at the Administration Building.
·       Various meetings of Workgroups of the Charter Study Commission to be posted
·       Barrier Beach Task Force Meeting, Friday the 4th of May 2007, at 9:30 a.m. at the County Administration Building.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned the meeting at 7:05 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted by:

JOSEPH E. SOLLITTO JR., Clerk of the Courts2172009_24501_0.png

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