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DCC Minutes 12-14-2011
Dukes County Commission
Wednesday, December 14, 2011
5 p.m.
Dukes County Administration Building
9 Airport Road, Edgartown, MA

Commissioner Present: Tristan Israel, Melinda Loberg, Les Leland, Lenny Jason, Carlene Gatting.

Not Present: John Alley, Tom Hallahan

County Staff present: Russell H. Smith – County Manager, Erin Leighton – Temporary Ex. Assistant, Noreen Mavro Flanders – County Treasurer, Sarah Kuh – Health Care Access, TJ Hegarty – IPM, Lisa Hayes – Animal Shelter, Marina Lent, Rex Jerrell – DCHC, Duncan Ross - Animal Shelter, David Nash - Animal Shelter, Peter Brennen - Gazette

Meeting was called to order at 5:03 PM

Mid-year report of Rodent Control –TJ Hegarty
TJ reports on the FY13 budget (see attached). The Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is 25% ahead of last year. The revenue projections have already been surpassed for FY12. A contract has been entered into with the West Tisbury School, saving the school system $15,000. Les asks where the revenue increase comes from. TJ answers hard work and the private sector, people are learning that the program exists and are using it often. Tristan states Oak Bluffs will get an article for the IPM, he hopes they will vote in the service. Russell adds if a town votes to not use the service the town properties, docks, etc. are not serviced and the town residents are not given a discounted rate.   

Martha’s Vineyard Animal Shelter (MVAS) – Duncan Ross
Duncan reports the Animal Shelter will change hands from the County January 1 to become the Animal Shelter of Martha’s Vineyard, a non-profit corporation with a 501c3, the Shelter will be operating on its own. The Shelter has been run 100% through private donations. Duncan thanks Russell, Martina and Noreen for their continued help during the process. Carlene asks if the County will provide administrative services, Duncan answers no, they will handle everything. Carlene commends the Shelter for their success. Duncan points out Lisa Hayes for her hard work and thanks her for getting the Shelter in the shape it is in. Melinda also commends the Shelter workers and board members for all of their hard work. Russell adds over 350 animals have gone through the Shelter, all getting shots and becoming adoptable.

Duncan, Lisa and David leave the meeting

2. Minutes
Melinda/Carlene moved to approve the Minutes of 11-16-2011. So voted. All in favor

2. Health Council Grant – Rex Jerrell and Marina Lent
Rex announces the Health Council received a $60,000 year Community Transformation Grant, a RFP was put out through the Department of Health; by February 1 they expect to be funded. The County will be the fiscal agent on the grant. The grant has two focuses healthy eating and active living. Carlene asks where how Marina learned of the grant; she said she had been approached to go for the grant. Preliminary programs were submitted along with the grant. Melinda asks what the 20 hour per week employee job duties will entail, Marina answers the person will help implement the program and keeping the State updated on the progress of the program. The interviewing will not begin until the check is in hand. Tristan asks if this is part of the national effort to get children to exercise for sixty minutes per day. Marina and Rex both answer they are not directly related. Russell added the new position that will be housed in the County Administration building for a small fee for administrative services.

Rex and Marina leave the meeting

3. Managers Report
Russell reports the Steamship Authority (SSA) meeting is coming up, he asks the sub-committee to look at the SSA lots, and he would like to start the process. Russell has been contacted by the Trustees of Reservation, a three year contract has expired, they have requested a meeting. Tristan and Carlene are both interested in attending the meeting. Lenny asks what they would like to discuss. Russell answered he is not certain but he believes what may be an issue is access on Chappy’s side and their possible desire to change fees. Lenny asks if it needs to be a three year contact, Russell responds no, it had been that in the past but it did not need to three years.

The dredging continues in Sengekontacket, Russell asked if the committee would fill the groins on State Beach, the wooden groins will be filled up to the little bridge, running a pipe under the little bridge and fill the three stone groins, all of the filling will be done at no cost to the County. Edgartown Selectman has approved the work to be done. An annual cost of $10,000 - $15,000 had been spent on moving the sand up and down the beach to keep the groins replenished.

An ad has gone out for the Retirement Board opening, two applicants have responded. The next Retirement Board meeting is in the end of January, the appointment can be done after the term expires.  Noreen adds the appointment ends December 31. Tristan asks that the applicants be contacted for the next meeting. Lenny adds the Commission appointments are due. Melinda/Carlene moved to appoint Lenny Jason to the Martha’s Vineyard Commission for the upcoming term. So voted. All in favor.
Carlene asks what the appropriate protocol is regarding the new SSA boat schedule, she would like the SSA to take a look at the shoulder seasons of the boat schedule, and boats are becoming very hard to get during busier times. Tristan spoke with George Balco, the SSA is looking at how to address the preferred reservations, and he would like to see this matter added to the agenda for their next meeting. Carlene adds that the preferred issue has become harder to obtain. Tristan thinks it is best to contact Marc Hanover or to attend the SSA meeting. Lenny would like to have the next SSA held on the island for the members of the community to attend to address some issues and concerns.  Tristan states the DCC will contact the SSA to set up and meeting on the island open to the community, this meeting with be advertised in the newspaper. Tristan asks that Russell contact the SSA and schedule the meeting.

4. Old Business
Update of Personnel Committee – Melinda
Melinda reports the Personnel Committee has met to go over the six month goals agreed upon for Russell. The committee agrees some goals have been addressed; they have narrowed down goals they would like to continue being worked on, one thing being the budget, also reaching out to the towns; implementing the memorandums and service programs with the towns, and prioritizing his work schedule. Their recommendation is to continue his contract until his annual review in April.
Carlene/Les moved to extend Russell’s contract to April 1, 2012.
Lenny asks when his date is, Carlene asks if the date is the end of review time. Melinda answers, there is some confusion, his original contract with the County after his six month probation was January 1, and his reviews have been done later and later. Carlene asks when his last review was, Melinda answers in April.  Noreen asks if anyone has looked at the contract, she does not have any contract before the first one. Melinda answers it is the same contract that keeps rolling over. Noreen states she does not have a signed contract. Tristan asks the two members of the Personnel Board to sign the contract. Russell asks if his contract has been extended three months, Tristan and Melinda answer yes. Tristan states the terms of the contract continue until a new contract has been made, he asks the Personnel Board to continue to work to refine the process. Carlene refines her motion to extend Russell’s employment to April 1, 2012. Les seconds. Lenny points out that when Russell was hired it was County Manager for life, legislation has since been changed, he asked to have the contract issue better clarified. Russell points out as a contractual employee he does not fall under the personnel by-laws of the County. Noreen adds Lenny’s point; she thought based on the Charter Study’s findings that the County Manager would be held under the personnel by-laws, Tristan answers all of these items will be addressed through the Personnel sub-committee. Tristan calls for a vote. All in favor. So voted.

Carlene asks, she has been on the Barrier Beach Task Force, the task force gets a significant grant for State Beach, she has not seen the report to the State and would like a copy of the report that has been submitted to the State. Russell responds he is working on the report currently to the DCR; the $30,000 (annual) grant has been renewed for the next five years. Carlene asks if there is a specific date the report is due, Russell answers he has been sending the DCR report at the end of the year. He has spoken with the Department of Conservation and Recreation within the last two weeks and they are expecting the County to ask for the money. Carlene asks for the report prior to the next meeting.

 Tristan mentions that he has given to Noreen a response from the Martha’s Vineyard Commission regarding a proposal from the Commissions to assist them in services, which was rejected. He has asked Noreen to take a look at their document. He would like to discuss in the next meeting how the Commissioners will respond.  

Carlene/Lenny moved to adjourn. All voted. So moved.

Lenny/Carlene moved to adjourn the meeting at 6:07p.m. All in favor.

Respectfully Submitted by:

JOSEPH E. SOLLITTO JR., Clerk of the Courts

Documents presented at the meeting and part of the official records:
  • Agenda
  • VHCA FY13 Budget
  • Calculations of County Tax FYT13
  • Letter to the Social Security Administration
  • Old Business List

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