The County of Dukes County
Health Council Coordinating Committee
Dave Caron, Chair
Jay Ferriter, Vice Chair
Julia Burgess, Secretary
Eleanor Beth, Treasurer
Joyce Stiles-Tucker
Terre Young
Patsy McCornack
Connie Teixeira
The Coordinating Committee consists of seven members, elected by the general membership of the Council. Members of the Coordinating Committee serve one-year terms of office. At the first regularly scheduled meeting following their election, the Coordinating Committee is expected to select and nominate a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, to be ratified by the Health Council. These officers, once duly elected into office, serve in that capacity for both the Coordinating Committee and the Health Council.
The Coordinating Committee is responsible for establishing the leadership development and succession planning needed to ensure the sustainability of the Council, its standing committees and working groups as well as actively supporting and facilitating their plans and programs.
As set forth in the Bylaws, this includes: 1) Facilitating the work of the Health Council & establishing the necessary Task Forces, Sub-Committees and Advisory Boards. 2) Coordinating Task Force, Sub-Committee and Advisory Board activities. 3) Reviewing Task Force, Sub-Committee and Advisory Board objectives and timelines. 4) Making recommendations to the Health Council