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The Healthy Aging Task Force (HATF) is a subcommittee of the Dukes County Health Council, and was formed in the spring of 2013. The Healthy Aging Task Force was created to strengthen the Health Council's Mission to create a supportive community for aging on the Vineyard, and to be responsible for addressing the recommendations of the UMass Rural Scholars. In October 2013 Rural Scholars studied the issues the Island will face with the dramatic increase in the needs of our elder population as baby boomers reach old age and boomer seasonal residents retire to the Vineyard. The HATF is a community coalition of 70+ people representing 36 non-profit and municipal organizations serving the needs of elders on MarthaĆ­s Vineyard. The goal of the HATF is to identify the needs of our rapidly growing elder population and develop collaborative programs to meet them.

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