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Health Council Funding Policy
PURPOSE:  To outline the goals and process for seeking funding in addition to that appropriated by the County of Dukes County funding includes a range of revenue sources  both public and private to support the Council’s mission.

GOALS:  Funds may be sought in pursuit of the following objectives, calling for 3 different levels of Council involvement:

Council Leadership: Health Council initiatives, activities and projects.

Council Sponsorship: Projects or initiatives undertaken in collaboration with other groups involved in community health and health care.

Council Support: Projects or initiatives separately undertaken by other groups involved in community health and health care.
It is understood that prospective funding may introduce an initiative, activity or project to the Council, assuming the funding remains consistent with the Council’s mission, charter and long-term objectives.

PROCESS GUIDELINES:  The Funding Committee will first review all opportunities.  It is understood that the Committee will both search for prospective funding sources and accept referrals of opportunities from a wide range of sources.  The Committee’s standing process will be limited to:Initial Review to make recommendation(s) to the full Council, including some or all of the following:

l Congruence of funding goals with the Council’s current stated mission and goals.

l Timing of both the application and the funding.

l The organization, group or subcommittee that could sponsor the funding request.

l The proper fiscal agency.

l The group that would develop and submit the funding request and/or letter of intent.

l The group that would manage the funding activities.

l The organization that would likely be responsible for any ongoing post-funding activity or program.

l Qualification of the opportunity less than $10,000 for fast track approval by the County Manager.

A summary of this review should be developed in the form of an internal statement of intent.

Upon full Council approval to pursue any opportunity, the Funding Committee will provide notice to the County Commission or the County Manager, as appropriate.  The Funding Committee will notify the Council and the Council Coordinating Committee of County Commission or Manager approval or other determination.  Country Manager reviews and approves final grant application if Council has a Leadership role.   As required, Treasurer and/or County Manager review and approve final and interim grant reports.

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