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I and R Minutes 4-8-14
Information and Referral Work Group
Minutes of the Meeting of April 8, 2014

Present:  Bea Phear, Risë Terney, Betty Burton, Jacque Cage, Julie Fay, Armen Hanjian, Tristan, Israel, Jim Klingensmith, Patsy McCornack, Peter Meleny, Joyce Stiles Tucker, Peter Temple, Diane Durawa

Bea Phear convened the meeting at 8:30 at the Tisbury Council on Aging.  Bea and Risë summarized the Planning Committee meeting held March 20, 2014, at which various work groups reported on their operating plans.  Prior to the meeting of April 8, Bea had emailed to the revised plan, reflecting issues raised at the Planning Committee meeting, to the I&R Work Group.  Changes included: a reordering of priorities; the need to determine the scope of the work before establishing a budget; designing a template for receiving and displaying information from the various workgroups; lengthening the time table for achieving goals; excluding a reference to either the Center for Living or Dukes County as the eventual physical location of the I&R site; and seeking funding from sources other than the towns.  The issue of the physical location of the planned site and public funding generated discussion.  Tristan affirmed that the County had given preliminary support for an I&R site and he felt certain the County would offer either physical or back-office support to such a project.  The group felt that the most economically feasible approach for long-range funding was some combination of public (county and/or municipal) funding.  Tristan commented that public funding also was a more stable source of funding than grants and did not preclude additional funding from grants.   The group, therefore, rejected the latter two recommendations of the Planning Committee.

Following the discussion of the Planning Committee recommendations, Patsy and Diane Durawa presented their suggested format for a senior guide.  The format presented was designed for   information in book form (hard copy), but could become the basis for an online I&R taxonomy.  Bea commented that some of the issues with redundancy, raised by Patsy and Diane, would be resolved in a computerized version with links to information.  The group discussed the issue of including information about nonprofit and public services vs. private services and facilities and decided to table this issue.  The group recognized that an I&R system, in any format, would require staffing, not only to dispense information, but to update.  Patsy led the work group through the various categories in the guide, asking for additions and corrections.  After a lengthy discussion, it was decided that members of the group would send comments and suggestions to Diane to help with further revision.  Also, Peter Temple will accept questions about categories for inclusion in the areas of transportation, housing, aging in community and caregiver support.  He will forward these questions on to the respective work groups for determination as to how prospective listings in these areas should be categorized.  Diane and Patsy will revised the guide, after which Bea will send to the other work groups for comment.

The next meeting is scheduled for 8:30 a.m., May 20, 2014, at the Tisbury Council on Aging.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 a.m.

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