The County of Dukes County
Prevention Minutes 1-31-14
Healthy Aging:  Community Engagement/Prevention Work Group
January 31, 2014, 1:15-2:45 p.m., County Office

Present:  Sam Hart, Carol Kenney, Judy Miller, Paddy Moore (Co-Chair HATF), Marjorie Peirce, Nevette Previd, Ann Smith

Materials Distributed:  Revised Agenda; January 17, 2014 Minutes; HATF Guidelines; Draft Work Plan
January 17 Minutes Were Approve
Issues Discussed (prior to Work Plan Review and Discussion):
  • A Work Plan Writing Committee to finalize work planóAnn DuCharme; Ann Smith; Nevette Previd; Carol Kenney.  Goal to submit by February 15th.
  • Fee vs. Free Classes, especially related to ACE.  ACE Geriatric Course offerings; its efforts at sustainability; Healthy Aging curricula and on-line courses as a potential for sustainability and fund-raising.
  • Classes aimed at elders?  Without specific reference, implicit targeting of seniors through time of day (midday); handicap access, etc.  (ex. Featherstone)
  • Bike/Pedestrian Path Efforts, and Complete Streetsóthe Bike/Pedestrian Action Committee; how to organize the new trail mapping effort, coordinated with the newly funded internet server.  Question of how to organize mapping information?  Use of the MVRHS Leadership Class with conservations groups such as VCS, Land Bank, SMF; include Hillside Village; cemeteries?  A course offered by ACE?  Mapping with History?
  • The need for a website to store resource information and allow people access resources to fit needs; also, sign up for serviceóthrough the County website? (would need to be upgraded).
  • Community suppers, success built around adequate transportation and food delivery for some. c An enrichment half-hour, hosted by rotating community service leaders such as Gleaners; New Focus…this model is evolving in West Tisbury.  Expand to other community suppers next year with options such as book groups; spiritual groups, etc.
  • Homeless but not Hopeless model for homeless support on the Cape.
Data and Other Resources Used:  Marthaís Vineyard Healthwise for Life (DCHC); 2008 Fall Prevention (Rural Scholars); Healthy Aging Elder Population and Chronic Disease Projections (2013 Rural Scholars)

New Ideas and Models Identified:  Blue Zones; Buncombe County Aging Plan and the county's most recent plan;  Homeless but not Hopeless;; Vineyard Village Transportation; Welcome Wagon

Points of Agreement/Disagreement on Key Issues/Actions to be Taken:  Group Discussion of Draft Work Plan.  With some additions and deletions, plan to be polished in final form by Writing Committee; reviewed by Work Group and sent to Coordinating Committee by February 15.

Next Work Group Meeting to be After Coordinating Committee Returns Work Plan.