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Transportation Minutes 1-8-14
Dukes County Health Council Healthy Aging Task Force
Transportation Work Group meeting

Date: January 8, 2014, 10 am

Present: Lois Craine, Leslie Clapp, Angie Grant, Jo Ann Murphy, Paddy Moore

Absent: Leon Brathwaite, Beth Toomey

Leslie started the meeting saying that we need to come up with a work plan for the year. She came up with a draft plan for us to look at.

Inventory of the current services: Angie said that a lot of people are doing this same thing. The cape is doing a regional inventory of current services. Sheís going to let them do all the work and weíd use their template for the Cape portion. Angie needs to give the Cape and inventory of our services.

Heath Access has a fund to pay for transportation to medical appointments.
SSA has a discount for people going off island every week to doctorís appointments.

Paddy said it would be nice to have all this information on a R & I?

The State gave Peter Pan bus line more money and they will have more stops.

In the summer CERTA says that they have a VSO who they gave a van  who will take people to Providence for appointments. If they hop the New Bedford Ferry this could help with transportation from the Vineyard.

The Cape Cod Transit Authority is paying Community Services $210 a day for the van for night time trips. (Daybreak, The Club House). MRC-Mass. Rehab Commission leased by Community Services. This is an underutilized vehicle.
Cape Cod Transit Authority is a broker for all Human Services on Cape and Islands. There are 5 brokers in the Commonwealth but they would like to see only one.

Windemere Van- isnít used that much. VTA trains their people. Underutilized.

Lois spoke with Travelers Insurance about liability. Anyone that the VTA lets use their vehicles is covered under their insurance. If we had volunteers that VTA could train them. They might have to apply for a dedicated vehicle for this.
FTA- how they get their smaller vehicles. Non profit or transit authority.

The VTA is good at dispatching and scheduling. Theyíre at capacity for maintenance.

Paddy thinks this should be a coordination between the towns. Maybe this should come under the County.

Angie said that the VTA is a hugh resource. If a vehicle was obtained it could fuel at the VTA.

It was mentioned that there are a lot of payers here on the island. There is no catch all. Leslie will work with Lois on this.

Paddy asked if the COAís should be on this committee?

Angie repeated for Paddy about the Blueberry Van. (we discussed this at the last meeting)

Expansion of services

Leslie talked with Dr. Santos about bringing the eye doctor here. It might be easier to coordinate getting patients off on the same day for appointments. She also talked with someone in the specialistís office about this.

COA directors need to get all people in the VTA system. ADA eligible (someone having treatment, someone who has a fall-start the paperwork). 65+ for VTA purposes are seniors. B Bus is now the DART-dial a ride (might be changing)
Look this up on Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority

Next meeting on Feb. 5th 10 am

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