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Treatment Options
Detox is usually covered be insurance, including MassHealth however follow up rehab treatment could be very expensive. There is high recidivity rate (relapses) with addition therefore detox and rehab may be needed to be repeated several times. You can contact detox or rehabilitation facility yourself, no referral is needed and self-committment is required.

Inpatient Medical Detoxification and StabilizationNO DETOX CENTER AVAILABLE ON MV
4-8 days - medically monitored withdrawal treatment – done by clinical team of physicians, nurses, counselors, and recovery aides—all trained and practiced in addiction treatment. What does it mean:
Medical detoxification treatment alone is insufficient to produce lasting remission. A critical component of the care is your agreement to engage in further treatment. Addiction is a chronic condition and extended periods of remission require varied treatment over a long period of time. This could mean longer periods of inpatient rehabilitation care; it almost always involves outpatient treatment, twelve-step groups, or other self-help. Detox will be most likely covered by insurance, including MassHealth.
Gosnold on Cape Cod - Falmouth  - Lori McCarthy, intervention coordinator 774-313-0662; 1-800-444-1554
High Point Treatment Center - Plymouth 508-979-1122; 1-800-922-7703
AdCare Hospital - Worcester 1-800-345-3552
Starr - Fall River 508-324-7763; 508-679-5222 ambulatory services

Inpatient RehabilitationNOT AVAILABLE ON MV
3-5 weeks – Services include individual and group counseling, addiction education, twelve step introduction, fitness and nutrition, yoga and meditation, medical care, a family program and recovery member services. Psychiatric and psychological services and anti-craving medications are provided when dictated by the patient’s symptoms. Most insurances do not cover inpatient rehab and it can get expensinve - starting around $8,000-$14,000 for 21-28 days.
Gosnold on Cape Cod - Falmouth (Medical detox available.) 1-800-444-1554 (toll free)
Plymouth House - Plymouth, NH 1-800-428-8459 (No medical detox available!)
High Watch Recovery Center - Kent, CT 1-860-927-3772; 1-888-493-5368 (Will arrange off site medical detox.)
Webster Place Recovery Center - Franklin,NH 1-888-840-4243
Farnum Center - Manchester, NH  603-622-3020
More expensive:
Sierra Tuscon 1-877-616-9802

Inpatient Residential CareNOT AVAILABLE ON MV
6 to 10 weeks - Services include individual counseling, group therapy, recovery management strategies, life-skills training, addiction education, relapse prevention, recreational activities, and twelve-step and recovery support meetings—all of which actively support re-integration with a patient’s family, social and work environment. These are options for clients like pregnant women and new mothers and others who need longer term inpatient care. Again, these are not covered by most insurances and are expensive.

Outpatient Detoxification - NOT AVAILABLE ON MV
medically monitored opiate detoxification for patients who have adequate community supports and do not require the 24/7 nursing care of an inpatient detoxification setting. Patients are monitored by medical personnel and receive counseling and care management services.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment
The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is recommended for certain patients who do not require a medically managed detoxification or are continuing treatment after discharge from an inpatient treatment program. IOP is offered by counseling centers as day and evening treatment and it is an intensive and structured treatment program designed to help patients understand, develop, and enhance critical recovery concepts, such as: recovery management and relapse prevention, post-acute withdrawal syndrome, twelve-step orientation, understanding the science of addiction, managing urges and cravings, identifying and reducing emotional and behavioral obstacles, improving communication skills
New Paths Recovery Program (MV Community Services) 508-693-7900 x251 – intensive evidence-based, five days a week structured program for adults (18 plus) who seek alcohol, drug, and behavioral addictions recovery and who may also experience co-occurring mental health disorders.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)
MAT program uses a non-addictive medication called Naltrexone to help block cravings for substances. The medication also blocks the euphoric effects of opiate drugs. The injectable form of Naltrexone, Vivitrol, is an extended release formulation that lasts for approximately one month. Used properly, the medication can help patients during the challenging early stages of recovery. This is non-addictive, non-narcotic medication proven to help prevent relapse of opioid dependence. Patients in the MAT program should be monitored by the professional who administer the monthly injection and a clinical team to support patients with counseling and care management.

Methadone  - not available on MV
Vivitrol                Island Counseling Center (MV Community Services) 508-693-7900 x251
                                Island Health Care      508-939-9358
Suboxone                Dr. Charles Silberstein, MD     508-696-1990
                                Dr. David Gorenberg, MD 508-693-8892

Individual & Family Counseling
Counseling for a variety of substance use and mental health conditions is conducted by licensed and experienced clinicians and treatment is tailored to the needs of the individual patient. Sessions are supportive and solution-focused to guide families in the development and enhancement of positive relationships and effective communication skills.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT) and Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW).
Island Counseling Center (MV Community Services) 508-693-7900
  • Individual, Family, Group therapy; In-home therapy; Assessment 508-693-7900 x225
MV Psychotherapy -  local private practitioners including addiction-focust physicians and psychiatrists & couselors  certified in working with addiction:
Tricia Newel Bennett
Judy Fraser Pearce
Dianne MacKellar

Group Therapy - specialized group therapy sessions are facilitated by a clinician who guides the group discussion.
Pathfinders Group Island Wide Youth Collaborative - MVCS 508-693-7900 x400 – an adolescent recovery education group designed to engage and inform students (under 18 years old) about the effects of substance use and abuse and increase the understanding of the impact of substance use in their lives and expose them to alternatives to using drugs and alcohol.
Ripple Group (MV Community Services) 508-693-7900 x375 A six-week series of weekly education and support for family and friends (18+ adults) experiencing substance abuse and who are seeking an understanding of addictions and support. They will learn accurate and up-to-date information about addiction, recovery, treatment, and its effects.

Psychiatry and Addition medicine - Charles Silberstein, MD  508-696-1990

Telepsychiatrycurrently not available on MV – BUT MV Community Services are exploring
provided via ultra-high resolution tele-medicine units that connect patients to psychiatric practitioners at other locations. This technology enables the patient and doctor to communicate in a direct face-to-face consultation via video conference. Psychiatric services that can be delivered through the tele-medicine units include medication management/monitoring, diagnostic evaluations, adolescent and adult psychiatry, and individual consultations.

General Treatment Info
Admissions are confidential and may be made by physicians, health care professionals, social workers and counselors, family members, friends, or directly by the patient. After your initial contact a trained specialist will help you choose the best treatment program based on your individual needs.

Insurance Coverage - Benefits and insurance policies vary. Different providers have contracts with different health insurance plans and managed care companies. Your insurance carrier may require reviews of treatment during your treatment. If you have questions regarding financial considerations or need assistance talk to your treatment provider and insurance provider. You migh also try to reach an insurance specialist at the MV Hospital or the Vineyard Health Care Access Program.

Confidentiality - Federal confidentiality regulations and HIPAA laws govern all communication regarding patients. Any discussion of a patient’s treatment for personal health information must be authorized in writing by the patient. If you call to inquire about a patient’s care, you may be told that the service provider can neither confirm nor deny the patient’s status, pending determination that the proper authorization has been signed. However, the regulations do not prohibit the staff from speaking with you to obtain information or to offer assistance or support.

Friends and Family Involvement - Untreated chronic addiction causes severe stress within the family unit that can lead to significant health problems such as high blood pressure, weight loss or gain, anxiety, and insomnia. Feelings of anger, guilt, shame, and fear are all facets of addiction that impact the family unit. An educated and supportive family has a positive impact on treatment outcomes. Family members should seek support and guidance to manage the challenges of addiction and recovery.
  • educate yourself about the disease
  • attend family support groups like Ripple Group (above) or community based groups (see in recovery section) - members of these groups may be able to provide guidance for finding nearby addiction resources, but more importantly, they’ll be able to share their own experiences with you. These connections will help nurture your emotional well-being, helping you see that you are not alone
  • get individual counseling (see above)

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