The County of Dukes County
State Beach Private Party Information
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Dukes County has established the following system for permitting private parties or special events on Joseph Sylvia State Beach.  It is the County’s intention to allow traditional uses of the beach such as beach parties. However, the beach is public and the public use and enjoyment of the beach must be maintained and protected. The County cannot rent the public beach, but instead issues permits so that the private use by groups is regulated and does not interfere with the public use of the beach. The process of applying for a permit is described below and should be initiated as early as possible, but always at least one week prior to the planned event.

PARTIES OR SPECIAL EVENTS – Any group, gathering or convergence of more than 50 people on the beach for social, recreational or commercial purposes, requires a permit in advance from the County Manager. Any event or group utilizing a caterer (regardless of number of people in the group) is also required to obtain a permit.

Permitting Process

1.      The Applicant must submit a completed application to the County Manager, PO Box 190, Edgartown, MA 02539.  Tel. 508-696-3840

2.      The Applicant is required to submit two separate checks made out to the County of Dukes County. One for $150.00 for               the non-refundable permit fee and one for $100.00, which  is a cleaning deposit. The cleaning deposit will be refunded if the           beach is clean.

3.      Upon receipt and approval of the application, permit fee and cleaning deposit the County Manager will issue a permit for          the event.  

5.      The Applicant MUST have all permits and any necessary catering licenses in their possession during their event.

6.      The Applicant is responsible for any and all damage caused to the beach during the event and by any equipment that is used.


1.      Any event that consists of commercial activity will require approval from the County Manager.

2.      Any event of more than 50 people will require approval from the County Manager.

3.      Events are allowed between 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm.

4.      Open fires are NOT allowed on the beach.  Contained fires in a gas grill are allowed for cooking purposes only.

5.      All caterers must be licensed by the Board of Health.  The Board of Health can issue a temporary food permit to anyone          who is “Serve-Safe Certified”.

6.      The Applicant may be required to provide handicapped accessible toilet facilities (porta-potties).  Porta-potties must be                 removed within 24 hours of the event.

7.      All events should be non-invasive in nature.  Generators, amplified music, balloons, and fireworks (including fire crackers) are          not allowed.

8.      Tents that are not larger than 10x12 feet are permitted.

9.      State law prohibits the consumption of alcohol on all public beaches.

10.     The County does not provide ANY guaranteed parking.  The applicant is encouraged to use public transportation, shuttles           or taxis since parking may be difficult to find.

11.     Beaches managed by the County do not have lifeguards.  Swim at your own risk.

12.     Dogs are not allowed on any part of the beach between April 1st and August 31st. During the month of September dogs                and pets are prohibited on the beaches between 9am to 5pm. Between October 1st and March 31st dogs and pets are                         permitted on the beach. Dog owners must use “doggie bags” and remove all waste

13.     The Applicant is required to remove all rubbish and any food, leaving the beach as clean as they found it.

14.     The Applicant may be required to furnish a traffic detail if the type of event or the number of people attending warrant it.

15.     The Applicant may be required to furnish General Liability Insurance indemnifying the County of Dukes County.

16.     The Applicant is responsible to keep all attendees off of the beach grass, dunes and vegetation. Parking is on pavement only.           Keep tires off of the sand.  The barrier beach dune system is a fragile vital habitat, which protects the road and                 Sengekontacket Pond. Respect the symbolic fencing during shore bird breeding times.

17.     The Applicant must assure that all attendees are adhering to all other rules and regulations of the beach.

18.     There will be a $50 fine for each infraction of this policy or any other rules and regulations of the beach.