Airport Commission

The Martha’s Vineyard Airport Commission is responsible for the care and operation of the Airport, and the one square mile of land upon which the airport is located. The seven member volunteer commission is appointed to three-year terms by the County Commission, and represents a cross sections of experience and backgrounds. The Airport Commission has fifteen full-time and up to eight part-time employees who operate the airport, implement policy, and ensure compliance with state and federal guidelines for public airports.

Originally constructed by the Navy as a training field for pilots during World War II, the airport was transferred to Dukes County for the purposes of operating a civilian airport. Since 1947, the property has served this role, and hosted many other tenants and activities. The property had remained largely unchanged until the late 1990’s, when the construction of a new passenger terminal building and airport business park were completed. The airport now hosts more than 75 private business with a combined employment of nearly 750 people. Annually the airport serves more than 300,000 passengers and approximately 75,000 aircraft operations.

The Martha’s Vineyard Airport continues to update and modernize airport facilities, equipment and processes to increase safety, improve customer service, and administrative efficiency. The Airport Commission, Management and Staff are dedicated to providing a safe, reliable and efficient travel option to the public, while remaining a self-sufficient asset for the island.