Associate Commissioner for Disability Affairs

Despite the progress of the past several decades, there still exist many barriers for people with disabilities, from the hard-to-open door, to home constraints, to unequal policies and practices.  In response to the problem, Dukes County Commissioners created the position of Associate Commissioner for Disabled Persons to advocate on behalf of the disabled and help businesses and organizations to navigate the rules and regulations concerning disabled persons and the process of becoming compliant with federal, state and local rules and regulations.
The Associate Commissioner should further the following values:
  • Respect: The ADA is a civil rights law designated to ensure that people with disabilities are accorded the same respect as others.
  • Responsibility: It is our responsibility to be certain the community complies fully with the ADA.
  • Discovery: Through discovery of what are often unintentional discriminatory practices, followed by corrective action, we can eliminate isolation, segregation, and exclusion.
  • Goal: To achieve a diverse and truly inclusive community.

Staff Contacts

Richard Cohen

Associate Commissioner