Employee Information

Information for county employees, volunteers & contractors

Dukes County offeres health insurance through the Cape Cod Municipal Health Group. The employer pays 75% of the health insurance premium, the employee pays 25% of the premium. Please contact the Treasurer'r Office Benefits & Payroll Administrator for more information about the plans and other optional benefits you can elect to sing up for  (dental, eye, disability plans, etc.).

All county employees are required by law to complete online training on the conflict of interest law every two years specific to county employees. If you have done conflict of interest training in any other capacity (municipal employee, state etc.) you still have to complete the one for county employess, they are not exchangeable.

The link to access the program for county employees is: www.stateprog.eth.state.ma.us

  • You need to complete the State Ethics Commission’s new conflict of interest law online training program every two years.
  • The training programs can be completed on any work, home or publicly available computer with internet access. 
  • If you access the online program using the above link or through the Ethics Commission’s website, you will have to print out a completion certificate as evidence that you have complied with the online training requirement.
  • The programs were designed to work with the Internet Explorer web browser.  While the programs will work with other browsers, such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome, some features may not work or display correctly.
  • The programs are optimized to run on Internet Explorer at 100% view. To adjust your view settings, go to the toolbar at the upper left-hand side of the browser page, select “View” and then select “Zoom” from the drop-down menu and select 100%.
  • Pop-up blockers should be disabled.
  • The “Options” and “Help” menus appear on every page throughout the training and provide access to helpful resources, such as accessibility information, the programs’ scripts and a glossary of terms.  They are located near the top right of the online training program screen.
  • If the video does not play on your computer, please verify that you have the Adobe Flash Player plug-in (version 10 or higher) downloaded to your computer.  Please refer to the System Requirements document by clicking the “Help” menu tab, then clicking “System Requirements” located near the top right of the online training program screen.
  • The programs should take about an hour to complete.  If at any time during the program your browser has trouble loading a page, use your refresh button. If you have to restart the program, use the table of contents on the left-hand column of the page and click on the “Lesson” to return to your place.
  • If you have difficulty following the audio portions of the program, you can click the “Script” menu tab, located next to the “Contents” menu tab, on the left column of the program screen.  In addition, you may view and print the entire course script by clicking the “Options” menu tab and then clicking “View Script.”
  • At the end of each training program, there are two 10-question course assessments.  You should choose the one appropriate course assessment depending on whether you are an:
    • Elected State or County Official or
    • Appointed State or County Employee (choose one)
  • After you complete the appropriate course assessment, follow the prompts on the screen for instructions on printing your completion certificate or otherwise notifying your employer that you completed the program.
  • Be sure to submit the completion certificate to your the County Manager's Office, and keep a copy for your records
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