State Laws Affecting the County

There are several laws enacted by the Legislature in the Commonwealth that have an impact on us all.
One of the major impacts on our lives, at the town or county level, is the Open Meeting Law. This law governs the conduct of our many Boards, Commissions and Agencies to ensure that government occurs in the clear light of day, and not behind closed doors, except in certain circumstances. Suspected violations should be reported to the [Link]District Attorney for Cape Cod and the Islands.
The Public Records Law guarantees you access to public records within a reasonable period of time and for a reasonable cost.  There are exceptions to this law, and you should look at the actual law or call the Secretary of the Commonwealth with questions.
The State Ethics Law requires all public officials to maintain important ethical standards and provides for enforcement for those who don't. This law is somewhat complicated and should be read carefully. If you have any questions you can call the State Ethics Commission directly.
The Uniform Procurement Act governs purchasing and procurement for services by public entities. Questions can be addressed to the Office of the Inspector General.