Committees & Workgroups

The Health Council does the bulk of its work through Committees and Workgroups established for specific purposes.

Coordinating Committee

Committee composed of Health Council Officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) and other interested Health Council Members; elected by the Health Council annually; purpose--to coordinate the activities and agenda of the Health Council

  • Contacts: Ellie Beth, Vice-Chair of Health Council & Bob Laskowski, Secretary of Health Council

Nominating Committee

Committee composed of Health Council Members whose purpose is to nominate potential members of the Health Council in fulfillment of the bylaws

  • Contact: Alan Ganapol, Chair

Youth Task Force

Community based coalition to reduce substance use and other risky behaviors among young people on Martha's Vineyard.  Founded initially at a Committee of the Health Council.

  • Website
  • Contacts: Michael Joyce, Co-Chair YTF, Cindy Doyle, Co-Chair YTF, Theresa Manning, Coalition Coordinator

Substance Use Disorder Committee

Committee focused on understanding the issue of substance abuse by residents of Dukes County, particularly opioid abuse. Co-sponsor of a community based coalition on substance use disorders.

  • Contact: Marina Lent, Chair

Substance Use Disorder Coalition

A community group of organizations, professionals and concerned citizens working together to solve the County's problem with substance abuse.

  • Website
  • Contact: Victor Capoccia, Fr. Chip Seadale

Rural Scholars Committee

Committee of Health Council members focused on developing and supporting annual community research projects by medical and nursing school schools of University of Massachusetts. Past project reports on website.

Healthy Aging Martha's Vineyard:

Committee of Health Council and a community based coalition of interested citizens; the mission of Healthy Aging Martha’s Vineyard is to create an aging-friendly Island meeting the needs of the rapidly growing 65+ population and those who care for them.

  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Contact: Paddy Moore, Chair and Associate Commissioner on Aging for Dukes County

Oral Health-Committee of Health Council and Dental Professional Association

Charged with assessing the status of oral health among county residents and making recommendations for improvement. 

  • Contact:  Karen Gear, Chair

Health Access Martha's Vineyard

A Program of Dukes County initially founded by the Dukes County Health Council; Mission: to assist residents of Martha's Vineyard to obtain affordable, high-quality health care, and safety net services.

  • Website
  • Contact: Sarah Kuh, Director

Communications Workgroup

Workgroup of Health Council Members charged with developing a communication strategy for the Health Council to enable better understanding of the Health Council and its work on behalf of the community.

  • Website
  • Contact: Victoria Haeselbarth