CodeRED Emergency Notification System

Reverse 9-1-1

This system will allow emergency services on the island to notify you of any Emergency situations that may effect you and your family. All businesses should register as well. Please tell your friends and neighbors to sign up!

Enrollment Instructions

Required Information:
  • First and Last Name
  • Street Address  - no post office boxes or off island addresses!
  • Town -NOTE:Tisbury residents use Vineyard Haven as your town name as your phone and mailing address are listed under Vineyard Haven.
  • State, ZIP Code
  • E-mail Address
  • Phone Number, Additional Phone Number (cell phone)
You may add as many phone numbers as you wish. It will require you to re-enter the system again and add the same address information with the additional numbers.
Businesses that have automatic extension numbers will not receive the Emergency Message, use a company cell phone number or direct line.
All your information will be kept private and not sold.
The number that will be calling you with an emergency message is: (866) 419-5000
Please add this number to your caller ID as a CodeRED emergency call.