Rural Health Scholars Program

UMass Clerkship

Mission Statement

The Rural Scholars Committee was formed to coordinate proposed projects of the Health Council with the medical and graduate nursing students sent to us by the UMass Medical School.  Any member of the Council is welcome to put forth a project for the Council to consider.  When a project is chosen, it is presented to the Medical School for review and approval.  Once approved, one or two members of the Committee travel to Worcester to present the project to the other groups who are participating in the program.  At that time, they also meet with the students of the Vineyard group for a Q&A session.  When that is finished, the work of the Committee begins.  They are responsible for identifying appropriate islanders to be interviewed by the students and for preparing a schedule for the interviews.  Arrangements are made with the hospital to provide housing for students.  When they arrive, the committee provides an orientation session for them, both for the project as well as to the island.  The students stay for approximately two weeks and are mentored on a regular basis by members of the Committee.  At the end of their visit, the students present a power point program to the Council and the community documenting their findings and suggestions. 

The commitment on the part of the Committee Members is intense, but for a short period of time.  This is a worthwhile collaboration which has produced many protocols that are now in place and it is very exciting to be involved on this committee and with these students.  Meetings are scheduled after the project is chosen.

  • 2016 Presentation: Substance Use Disorder on MV
  • 2015 Presentation: Prevention of Homelessness on MV
  • 2014 Presentation: Examining Elder Mistreatment on Martha's Vineyard
  • 2013 Presentation: Rural Health Scholars Healthy Aging Initiative
  • 2013 Proposal
  • 2012 Presentation: Accessibility and Affordability of Healthy Foods on Martha's Vineyard
  • 2012 Proposal
  • 2011 Presentation: Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services for the Elderly on Martha's Vineyard
  • 2011 Proposal
  • 2009 Presentation: Transitioning to the High School Years
  • 2008 Presentation: Injury and Fall Prevention for the Elders of Martha's Vineyard
  • 2007 Presentation: Teen Substance Use on Martha's Vineyard
  • 2006 Presentation: Screening for Island Mental Health Issues and Substance Abuse: An Interdisciplinary Approach
  • 2005 Presentation: Mental Health and Substance Abuse on Martha's Vineyard