• Community Innovation Challenge: Lt. Governor Murray announced the second round of Community Innovation Challenge (CIC) Grants for FY 2013. $4 million will be made available to support local governments.  The CIC grants will provide financial support for one-time or transition costs related to innovative regionalization and other efficiency initiatives in local governments. The application deadline is Friday November 30th. Website

Cape Cod Commission, Cape Cod towns and Nantucket received $500,000 grant for Digital Regionalization: Permit, License, and Inspection Automation (see application attached - 1st attachement). The Cape Cod Commission is planning to apply for a expansion grant in the second round of the Community Innovation Challenge (CIC) grant. They agreed to include interested towns on Martha's Vineyard in the application. If there are multiple towns interested they asked for a single point of contact. The County agreed they would provide the administrative help necessary to coordinate the application process with the towns. If your town is interested please contact Martina Thornton, County Manager asap. 

The Cape is developing a software that would allow the towns to have some licenses and/or permits be processed by applicants on-line. They can fill out the form, submit, pay the permit fees on-line and track what is happening with their application and finally be notified that the application has been processed and print their permit or license. (see presentation attached - last attachment). Some are simple one department one stop -shop applications, like for dog licenses. Some are more complicated like building permits - where multiple boards and committees get involved. The software allows for it to be moved along without the need for the individual to go to town hall and submit with the next board... It would also check for unpaid taxes etc. so it would not allow for them to receive let's say building permit until they pay their taxes that are overdue.

Some towns are planning to use it for conservation commission, some for Boards of Health. Some technically advanced building inspectors are talking about using Ipad they would bring to the site and work with the system on-site for notes, pics etc. They already picked a developer of the software and now they are making sure that the system interacts with difference software that the towns are using - for finances (like Munic), for assessing (Vision) etc. so all data will be fed to the system and can be integrated as necessary. They will have standard forms available as part of the system, but there will be ability for each town to "personalize" it or change as necessary.

  • More information about the Cape Cod e-permiting efforts is attached (second attachment).
  • Priority Development Fund: DHCD Priority Development Fund grant program is a Notice of Funding Availability for planning activities related to expanding housing opportunities.  The Priority Development Fund is a rolling application with no application deadlines. This program could be useful for towns considering development of affordable housing on town-owned property since the grant covers some preliminary planning activities such as engineering and site design. Website.